Matthews Studio Equipment Debuts Rock n’ Roller Wheel Sets

BURBANK, Calif.—Matthews Studio Equipment has put its own spin on the wheel, unveiling the Rock n’ Roller wheel sets to make production equipment mobile even on difficult surfaces.

Designed using input from industry professionals, the Rock n’ Roll wheel set is an add-on that features three foam semi-pneumatic tires 3-inches wide and 8-inches in diameter and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including rocks, gravel, asphalt, uneven concrete and soft grass. They are also capable of 360-degree rotation.

Specific features of the wheels include a face locking pedal brake with an adjustable pad with a dual-lock mechanism, a round top plate and Matthews’ Spring Steel Sleeve for attaching the wheel to a stand.

Matthews offers the Rock n’ Roller wheels in three versions, the Monitor Wheel Set for Monitor Stand II and Slider Stands; the Combo Wheel Set for Combo Stands or any stand with a 1-inch square tube leg; and the Mombo Combo Set that works with stands with 1.5-inch square tube legs.

More information is available from Matthews Studio Equipment.