Lyon Video adds Integrity to new HD mobile units

Veteran mobile production company Lyon Video, based in Columbus, OH, has installed a full complement of Integrity-series signal processing equipment from QuStream for two of Lyon Video’s recently upgraded HD mobile production units. The new trucks — the MU5 expando and a new MU9 HD truck — are the latest to be outfitted with QuStream technology and are continually used for live sports production around the country.

The new QuStream signal processors give both vehicles the ability to handle a multitude of signal types by providing bidirectional signal conversion between HD and SD as well as interfacing between the digital and analog signal domains.

The new order from Lyon Video includes the QuStream FRM-603 SmartFrame as well as: 82 DDA617 downconverting distribution amplifiers (HD to SDI/analog); 12 DVA617 1 x 7 digital video DAs (270Mb/s-3Gb/s); six DVA626 dual 1 x 3 digital video DAs (270Mb/s-3Gb/s); 24 UDC-550 up/down/crossconverters with internal Perfect Palette video legalizer and HD-SDI, SD-SDI and NTSC/PAL outputs; 32 UDC-550-CC up/down/cross converters including full RGB color correction; 32 FS-511 video synchronizer cards; and four RCP-503 remote-control panels to control all cards.

Providing 20 card slots in only 3RU, the FRM-603 SmartFrame can include (as options) redundant controllers, redundant power and redundant sync reference. The frame also allows signal sharing between various cards.

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