Logitek Adds Dugan Insert Points to Artisan

HOUSTON—Logitek Electronic Systems has opened the door for a closer collaboration with Dan Dugan Sound Design, announcing that it has added insert points to both its Artisan console and JetStreamPlus platform. The addition of these insert points allow for the connection of external devices from Dugan, like the Dugan Speech System algorithm, for uses like supplying automatic microphone mixing.


The Artisan is a modular control surface configurable from two to 38 faders along with two master mixes, eight stereo sub mixes, four stereo aux mixes, 24 mix-minus outputs and three monitor outputs. The system now features eight post-fader inserts that are supported and allow the connection of analog, AES or AoIP format audio.

The JetStream Plus is an IP router that is used for connection of the automixer inserts, offers 240 channels of I/O, HD/SDI, analog, digital and mic inputs along with analog and digital outputs in four rack units. The Dugan insert points for the JetStream are available for specific console configurations.

“With the addition of these insert points to the Jetstream Plus and Artisan, we can now offer customers a mixing console with full broadcast functionality along with the convenience of automixing,” said Tag Borland, Logitek’s president, in the official press release.