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Link Electronics Debuts LEI-592P IP Processor

JACKSON, MO.—Link Electronics is providing users with a standalone device that allows for true IP audio and IP captioning with its new LEI-592P IP processor. System functions include allowing a serial captioning encoder to become an IP captioning encoder, enabling the removal of the traditional two phone line set-up, connecting to an encoder via serial RS232, and sending audio over its Ethernet port, while receiving caption data into the Ethernet port.

LEI-592P includes a data LED to indicate that it is receiving or sending data through the Ethernet. An LED is also available to indicate audio presence and audio clipping. Additional features include a user selectable baud rates of 1200, 2400 and 9600, 8-N-1 or 7-0-1 type serial data, a standard 3.5 stereo headphone jack, and Ethernet port for broadband connection.

Audio is sampled at 16 kHz. Latency of the audio, which is less than 200ms plus the latency of the internet, can be adjusted through the system’s audio player. Serial and audio data is sent through two serial tunnels connected to the captioner.

Users can receive audio to their computer by using a LEI-592P player available through Link Electronics’ website. The audio output device can be selected by the user through the player software, as well as volume control. IP address, port numbers, encryption and password security can also be set up via the web.