Lightship uses MRC HD wireless system for high-flying Sox-Twins coverage

The Lightship Group of Orlando, FL, relied upon Microwave Radio Communications’ (MRC) Link HD Wireless Diversity camera system to broadcast live coverage of the Boston Red Sox games and the team’s recent victory against the Minnesota Twins to clinch the American League East title.

Lightship operates the H.P. Hood blimp that provides aerial coverage of sporting events in the New England area. The company also will use the system to broadcast live coverage throughout the 2007 World Series.

The Link HD Wireless Diversity camera system provides high-quality HD transmission without the need for down/upconversion. Link's LMS-T technology eliminates latency issues regardless of the data rate, and production crews can inter-cut cameras freely with no vision or sound delay problems. Diversity receive antennas make the service very robust, even at high bit rates.

Flying Pictures Aerial Broadcast Services provided Lightships with the camera and microwave link.

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