LG Electronics ATSC-M/H chip plays the product field at NAB

Pointing to the possible ubiquity of mobile TV in the near future, at NAB2009, LG Electronics showed its new LG2160A ATSC Mobile TV chip in several different prototype devices, including:

  • LG ATSC Mobile DTV MP3 player with a 3in touch-screen display
  • LG portable DVD player with a 7in LCD swivel screen and integrated ATSC Mobile DTV tuner
  • LG mobile phone with a 3in touch-screen display with electronic service guide functions, including program guide
  • LG mobile phone with a 2.8in dual touch screen with QWERTY keyboard
  • A USB “dongle” receiver for laptop PCs
  • Dell with its new Mini 10 PC netbook
  • Kenwood automotive rear-seat entertainment system

The company's LG2160A is a commercial chip designed for mobile DTV receiving devices from various manufacturers. It provides mobile/handheld demodulating and equalization functions and outputs IP packet streams to enable audio/video decoding in the receivers compatible with the emerging ATSC Mobile DTV Standard. It features an automatic power-saving mode to maximize battery life for cell phones and other mobile DTV viewing devices.

Download the LG preliminary data sheet.

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