Leader Updates LV5333 Waveform Monitor

LONDON—Leader’s LV5333 compact 3G/HD/SD-SDI waveform monitor has a few new tricks up its sleeve courtesy of a new update. Among the new features that Leader has integrated into the system are measurement facilities for BT.2020 color space, full range video and the LV5333SER02 HDR option, which enables measurement of HD HDR and 2SI 4K in ITU.BT.2100 Hybrid Log Gamma, Dolby PQ or Sony Slog-3 protocols.

These updates make LV5333 HDR agnostic. Leader’s CineZone real-time false color display is also available as an option and has been enhanced to support false color display of HDR images, supporting PQ, HLG Slog-3. The waveform display now supports PQ scales of 4000, 1000, 400 and 100 cd/m2, as well as 800 percent and 500 percent for HLG.

The addition of full range video to the LV5333 now enables the waveform monitor to be used for both television and cinema production.

The LV5333 is designed for deployment in studios or technical areas, or attached to a camera tripod.