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LARCAN Oasis transmitter takes new approach to liquid cooling

LARCAN has unveiled the new Oasis transmitter series, which features an entirely new approach to liquid-cooled, high-power broadcast transmitters.

Using building-block design, power levels of up to 10kW in a single 24in cabinet are possible. Higher power levels are available in multiple cabinet configurations.

Oasis uses LARCAN’s new Cool-Dock technology, which provides cooling to critical power components without compromising serviceability.

LARCAN Cool-Dock technology relies on a cold plate that remains part of the transmitter and never needs to be removed under normal service conditions. The plate slides in and out of the transmitter, on a support tray or drawer, connected to a manifold with flexible hydraulic hoses. The power electronics module is built on its own heat spreader plate and is bolted to the drawer and, thus, to the cold plate. Because of the spreading effect of the power module’s base plate, heat generated by the power devices is spread and dissipated over a much larger area.

Removal of a power module for service is a simple matter of sliding out the drawer, which disconnects all electrical connections yet leaves the cooling fluid connected.