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KTVX streamlines broadcast workflow with NVerzion’s NCompass ingest management

KTVX, the Newport Television-owned ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City, UT, has upgraded to NVerzion's latest broadcast automation technology, including the recently launched NCompass ingest management software platform, to complete its facility-wide project to streamline broadcast operations.

The station will use NVerzion's technology to take content directly from providers to the on-air video server or other destinations, using an intuitive user interface to automatically manage the ingest process.

The station first upgraded its master control room to include NVerzion's Gold applications as well as the company's hardware platform. The customer-specific automation system includes several new hardware workstations; NGest dubbing software for frame-accurate dubbing of content from one media format to another; NPoint to preview, trim, segment, and create new sub clips from existing clips on a video server; NControl for scheduled playout; and NBase/SQL database support with the metadata viewer.

The newly launched NCompass automated ingest management combines with these previously installed NVerzion components to provide the broadcaster a streamlined workflow automation system that includes full support for the content ingest process.