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KTVT-TV launches HD newscasts with custom set

KTVT-TV, the CBS O&O in Dallas, has launched HD newscasts with a new custom-designed set.

KTVT debuted its new set, designed by FX Group of Ocoee, FL, facing heavy competition in the Dallas HD news market. The sprawling new set features two anchor areas, a weather center, flexible standup area and a multipurpose interview and sports set.

Warm wood tones and faux stonework combined with sleek curves and contemporary metal finishes create an eye-catching, branded look for the station's HD and SD simulcasts.

The set is built around a centralized weather center, which allows the segment of the studio to serve both KTVT and its sister independent station KTXA-TV.

KTXA's set uses rich, reddish-brown wood tones offset with perforated metal panels and curved graphic openings. This creates a distinct look that sets KTXA apart from the KTVT brand.

Both sides have HD monitors that display live video and graphics. The monitors also allow the station to brand individual shows and segments quickly.

The entire set was specifically designed for HD broadcasting, based on a careful plan FX Group developed to ensure that the 16:9 HD audience and 4:3 SD audience see pleasingly composed shots.

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