KEF ships high-resolution wireless speaker system

KEF Audio is now shipping the KEF Wireless, a surround-sound speaker system that balances quality sound with unlimited installation flexibility. Designed to extend wireless capability to surround and subwoofer speakers without cabling, the KEF Wireless uses proprietary technology to deliver CD quality audio over a 2.4GHz wireless link.

The system uses advanced error-protection and adaptive frequency-hopping to ensure an interference-free signal. This proprietary technology is pre-emptive and will change channels automatically to a pre-negotiated frequency (within the best available band) before any errors start to occur. The CD quality audio is not affected by microwave ovens, cordless phones or LAN routers.

For setup, speaker cables are connected from their outputs to the KEF Wireless transmitter. Once powered, the transmitter and receiver search for each other automatically, locking in on an open frequency.

Three configurations are offered. The system includes two receivers and a transmitter to allow retrofits of existing systems, while a similar version is designed specifically for use with KEF KHT5005.2 speakers. The third version is a complete wireless KHT5005.2W 5.1 system. All versions of KEF Wireless are now shipping nationwide.

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