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JBL’s LSR2300 Series studio monitors provide professional performance at entry-level price

JBL Professional has introduced the new LSR2300 Series studio monitor system, delivering professional performance at price points within reach of any studio. The LSR2300 Series addresses the demand for cost-effective, high-performance monitoring systems driven by the proliferation of affordable, computer-based production systems.

The LSR2300 Series includes the LSR2328P biamplified 8in studio monitor with 160W of amplification; the LSR2325P biamplified 5in studio monitor with 85W of amplification; and the LSR2310SP powered 10in studio subwoofer with an integrated 180W power amplifier.

In developing the LSR2300 Series, JBL applied the same stringent Linear Spatial Reference criteria used in the design of the LSR6300 and LSR4300 Series. While most manufacturers take only a single on-axis measurement of the speaker’s performance, JBL’s Linear Spatial Reference criteria requires 70 measurements, yielding more than 1200 times more data. The data enables JBL to engineer a system that produces greater accuracy at the mix position. A trademark of LSR2300 design is the large waveguide and the elliptical tweeter aperture that work in conjunction with a 1in silk-substrate high-frequency transducer to deliver superior imaging and smoother frequency response.

Today’s music styles, film production and the demand for high-quality audio for HDTV require a monitor system capable of extended low-frequency performance and high dynamic range. To address this, JBL engineered new long-excursion, low-frequency transducers with high-flux motors and a custom tuned port that work in concert to produce a deep, accurate low-frequency response. The LSR2328P 8in model provides low-frequency extension to 37Hz, the LSR2325P 5in model to 43Hz, and the LSR2310SP subwoofer provides deep low-frequency performance below 29Hz.

Additionally, each model in the LSR2300 line produces a sound pressure level (SPL) achieved through the use of high-sensitivity transducers and careful attention paid to the thermal properties of the system. Because heat is the enemy of output, the low-frequency port doubles as a means of cooling the amplifier output devices. The LSR2328P biamplified 8in two-way monitor, for example, includes 160W of amplification and is capable of a maximum peak SPL of 117dB.

All models include balanced XLR, 1/4in, and unbalanced RCA inputs that allow connection to a wide range of playback sources including computer audio workstations, professional mixing consoles and consumer playback systems. The LSR2310SP subwoofer includes a two-channel bass management system with selectable crossover settings and balanced outputs for integration of the sub into any system. The LSR2325P and LSR2328P enclosures include mounting points and are reinforced for safe wall-mounting. Transducers in all models are self-shielded to allow use in close proximity to magnetically sensitive equipment.