IPV Unveils Curator Arrival Version 3.0

(Image credit: IPV)

CHICAGO—IPV announced the availability of the latest version of its media asset management platform with improvements to support remote and hybrid workflows. Curator Arrival version 3.0 offers several performance enhancements that increase the efficiency of users, improve return on investment (ROI) and bolster security, the company said.

“Our customers have made it clear that business continuity and uninterrupted video production workflows are critical to their operations,” said James Varndell, product manager at IPV. “Given the circumstances of the pandemic, the focus of this release was to ensure businesses could easily use Curator while working remotely, while also providing increased ROI for them.” 

The latest release of Curator Arrival makes it easier to edit video and collaborate remotely. A workflow extension panel enhances the speed and efficiency of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. It enables teams to collaborate remotely on video in real time, the company said.

Version 3.0 also simplifies administrative functions, making it easier to onboard users and reduce the cost of cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure, said Varndell.

Features include:

  • Enhanced search functionality in Curator Clip Link that builds on the AI-enabled search results unveiled in version 2.3. Search highlighting enables direct matches in which the search result corresponds directly with the metadata of an asset. It also reveals indirect results in which the search matches parent metadata for a subclip. 
  • List View, another Curator Clip Link feature that allows users to organize search results in a list view and customize metadata columns. 
  • Curator for Adobe Power Panel enabling remote workflows. Seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro delivers the same search highlighting function as Clip Link. The panel also includes a new importer to allow cloud-hosted graphics files to be imported into Premiere Pro as well as enhanced swap to and export functions. 
  • Speed and performance enhancements, including a new checksum architecture that reduces the strain on home Wi-Fi bandwidth for those working remotely. This approach cuts down on infrastructure costs, contributing to a cost saving of as much as 80% in some instances. 
  • Granulized controls for users of Curator Gateway to enable secure remote operations. The latest version improves security with built-in user authentication and integrations with various authentication providers and enables easy use with single-sign-on across Curator’s end user applications. 
  • Tool-tip walkthroughs to help new and upgraded users learn the new system. 

More information about the new release is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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