Interra Systems’ BATON Delivers Media QC for ZOO Digital

(Image credit: Interra Systems)

MUMBAI, India—As one of the largest players in the global content localization space, with offices worldwide, ZOO Digital is a technology provider for premium content brands. ZOO Digital’s localization services adapt original content for different languages, regions and cultures, and its media services ensure that content is technically compliant for all required streaming service platforms. With our services and global capabilities, content creators can extend the reach and financial opportunities for both new and existing entertainment content.

In 2017, when we were then known as Vista India Digital Media, we explored various automated AV quality checking tools in the market for our automated QC workflows—focusing in particular on their capability, scalability and speed.

Automated QC Support
The deciding factor in choosing Interra Systems’ BATON solution was based on three key aspects: BATON’s fit with our specific QC needs, its speed performance, and Interra Systems’ responsiveness and support. These aspects are paramount, as automated QC is the first in a long line of processes that ensures content qualifies for downstream flow—with QC being repeated once again at the finalizing stage. 

We also liked the responsiveness and support of the Interra Systems team who guided us through the trials we conducted ahead of full deployment, quicking answering all of our questions as well as providing flexible licensing options. This gave us a sense of the level of support we could expect from them, and I’m happy to say that they have been consistent.

We have deployed BATON for the QC of all of our mezzanine files for any video and audio anomalies such as drop frames, tics and pops, black frames, and more. These files are usually delivered to a variety of premium OTT platforms.

Speed & Quality
These partner platforms have highly stringent quality standards coupled with a need for fast turnaround delivery schedules. Any gaps in content files detected downstream will lead to the reacquisition of content and wasted resources and will also impact the delivery timeline. BATON has helped secure our QC workflow manifolds by saving time, effort, and identifying anomalies like frame corruption, digital hits, and more, which can easily be missed during “eyeball only” QC.

The AV material we QC with BATON ranges from HD, to UHD, to HDR10. With the volume of work we handle, we typically perform quality checks 24/7. We put BATON through its paces on a daily basis and I’m happy to say that we haven’t experienced any breakdowns since we started using it. BATON has stayed ahead of the curve with the ever-changing quality requirements of various content platforms with frequent upgrades, and shows Interra Systems’ commitment to deliver best in class solutions. 

Sathya Narayanan is CTO at Zoo India / Vista India Digital Media and has more than 25 years of experience in the media and technology space, covering a range of industries including film, animation, gaming, and media technology solutions. Narayanan’s passion is to architect technology solutions related to the M&E market, leveraging years of domain expertise in the media industry. He can be reached at

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R H Sathya Narayanan is CTO for ZOO India/Vista India Digital Media