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Imagine Communications Launches SelenioFlex

LOS ANGELES—Imagine Communications has unveiled SelenioFlex, a software-based transcoding and encoding solution for live and file-based media processing.

With the addition of SelenioFlex, Imagine Communications says its portfolio of media processing solutions address any application requirement, from source acquisition to adaptive bit rate delivery and file-based, on-demand distribution.

“While dynamic changes in the media world and consumer viewing habits have created a host of new opportunities, they also create operational pressures for media broadcast and service providers whose workflows have traditionally been static and hard-coded in the processing system – restricting innovation and delaying time to market for new services and delivery formats,” said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications.

Vogt said SelenioFlex was a strategic addition to Imagine’s media processing and compression portfolio, building on its Software-Defined Workflow framework to enable faster response to market trends and providing the efficiency and insight to capitalize on the growth of multiscreen media consumption.

Vogt said SelenioFlex enables automated media processing at any point in the content value chain from production to distribution for applications including file-to-file transcoding; live/linear multiscreen encoding; and live-to-file ingest encoding.