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Ikegami Editcam Now Compatible with Telestream Flip4Mac

The Ikegami Editcam--used in tapeless ENG and EFP newsgathering--will soon have file compatibility and direct file transfer into Apple Final Cut Pro systems through the Telestream Flip4Mac.

Broadcasters and government agencies use Editcam for tapeless acquisition and easy workflow integration with Avid NLE systems and servers. Now, file compatibility and direct file transfer into Final Cut Pro systems from Ikegami Editcam FieldPacks and RAMPaks will also be made possible with the Telestream Flip4Max import component for Editcam.

With the Flip4Mac component for Editcam, users can browse, import and edit content from devices not natively support by Final Cut Pro. The new Flip4Mac technology will be available within the next quarter, according to Telestream.

Ikegami's Editcam3 tapeless system includes the NL Technology SAT 100 Adapter for NLE editing access to FieldPak2 and RAMPak footage. The Ikegami DNR 20 dockable disk recorder and DNE-31 standalone disk recorder are also available for added versatility in ENG/EFP applications.