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IBC promises to be bigger than ever this year, with a temporary building providing additional space to the show halls. This space will allow an IPTV Zone alongside the Mobile Zone that has run for the last few years. The show is again categorized into three disciplines representing content creation, management and delivery. The delivery side is seeing the greatest changes, with the convergence of industries and technological developments, bringing even more ways to deliver and exchange content with the consumer.

IBC is not just a show and, unlike many others, it provides a world-class conference with expert speakers alongside the exhibition. Although there is much talk of convergence, and much evidence of business moving toward that goal, get IT and telco folks in a room with broadcasters and you will find they speak three different languages. In the rigorous engineering disciplines of IT and telecommunications, broadcasting can be seen as too close to an art. Shows like IBC can help to break down these barriers and aid understanding of the issues that each sector faces in the inevitable convergence.

Here is a round-up of some of the products you won't want to miss as you explore the 12 halls of the RAI Centre. And don't forget to look for more IBC coverage in our weekly IBC Update (visit to subscribe to the e-newsletter) and IBC Product Source published with next month's issue.

IP Director version

Integrated production management software features new functionalities and tools for more flexibility and adaptability in different workflows and applications; offers versatile control of the XT2 servers' audio and video channels; runs on Windows-based workstations; allows easy ingest, logging, management, searching, tracking, editing, creation of clips and highlights, browsing, and playout of video or audio content instantly.
+32 4 361 7000;
Stand: 8.290

Axon Digital Design

Compliance system fully automates the audio and video recording process, and catalogs program outputs for fast search and review; creates a continuous archive on a first-in, first-out basis, automatically removing out-of-date material to allow for fresh recording; records VBI information, which is mandatory in many countries.
+31 161 850450;
Stand: 10.111/10.211


Compressed transport stream automatic start switch offers signal providers the capability to design automatic redundancy into a system and alarm the operator when a problem arises; by constantly monitoring the incoming signal, the switch knows when the signal is no longer suitable for broadcast and automatically switches to the backup feed; fully integrated with the VistaLINK PRO NMS system; features two ASI inputs and one ASI output, as well as smart configuration of error threshold and switching rules to avoid false switching.
+1 905 335 3700;
Stand: 8.141

8200/7200 DSP series

8200 series of biamplified active monitors and 7200 series of active subwoofers allow for all standard AES/EBU formats of digital audio; accept sampling rates ranging from 32kHz to 192kHz and traditional analog signals; integrated software allows 25 of the 8200 loudspeakers and five of the 7200 subwoofers to be denied and controlled via standard Cat 5 cabling.
+08 449 5220;
Stand: 8.350

Utah Scientific

IP router with 24 ports gives broadcasters real-time, on-the-fly control of port priority, security groups and port speed on Ethernet networks; increases workflow efficiency in broadcasting or any situation where large video files or high-bit-rate streaming video are transferred over an Ethernet network; allows IT and traditional broadcast technology to be integrated seamlessly.
+1 801 575 8801;
Stand: 2.210

Just Edit/vsn

Content management system enables journalists, editors and post-production teams to quickly locate materials stored in video servers, and to register and copy news in the news video server playlist to vsnairnews and vsnmatic in the master control room; allows searches by keywords in the SQL database; creates copies in low-resolution in WM9 format for searches or editing.
+34 93 734 99 70;
Stand: 7.311


LCD video monitor consists of a 23in full HD LCD panel, a high-precision backlight system and a professional display engine used exclusively in this monitor; offers accurate color reproduction, precision imaging and quality picture consistency; features a newly developed color space selection function, a picture-and-picture display and an interlace display mode; can accept almost any SD or HD video format, both analog and digital.
+44 1256 355011
Stand: 9.001/9.130/9.310

ARG ElectroDesign

Multiformat combiner allows users to optimize bandwidth by transmitting multiple signals over E3 or DS3 links, connect up to eight data inputs (ASI, SPI or unframed E1 or T1) and limit usage on each input channel; features 1RU design, dual auto-ranging AC power supplies, optional dual 48V DC power supplies, front-panel control, LED indicators, optional Web server module for remote control, RS232 for setup and relay contacts for control and monitoring.
+44 01285 658501;
Stand: 4.271a

ANT Group

Remote control system allows broadcasters to monitor and control site equipment; connects any product and presents the collected data, alarms and events in a standard, comprehensive interface; all communication passes through the control center.
+39 0365 34558;
Stand: 8.318


Shoulder-mounted P2 HD camcorder features progressive 2/3in 3-CCDs; records in 32 HD and SD formats, including 1080i and 720p in 100Mb/s DVCPRO HD; records on removable P2 memory cards in 1080/60i, 50i, 30p, 25p and 24p; also records in 720/60p, 50p, 30p, 25p and 24p, as well as in DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV; uses a digital signal processor with 14-bit A/D conversion and 19-bit inner processing that handles HD/SD format conversion simultaneously.
+44 8700 100 464
Stand: 8.640


Mobile transmitter is ideal in situations where portability and mobility is important; incorporates MPEG-2 and COFDM technologies; features an optional 36MHz IF frequency output and a frequency range from 2.1GHz to 2.5GHz; supports 6MHz, 7MHz or 8MHz bandwidths; features low-power consumption.
+39 0185 351333;
Stand: 8.420


Channel management system covers the whole process of schedule management for a TV station, from rough planning to broadcasting and beyond; covers the intricate web of interactions and constraints between traffic management, program acquisition, production, promotion, trailer campaigns, commercials, transmission preparation, tape and finance information, and scheduling.
+32 2 467 3430;
Stand: 3.449

Fusion FCS16
Vinten Radamec

Robotic control system offers full touch-screen control for up to 16 cameras from a single panel; provides complete backward compatibility with previous Radamec and Autocam systems; teams directly with companion Fusion products, including the FH100 full function robotic head with a manual control option and the FBH175 bolt-on height drive.
+44 1284 752 121
Stand: 9.440


Telephoto lens features 88X magnification with the widest focal length of 8.8mm to 777mm telephoto; ideal for large sporting events; captures wide-angle shots or long-range close-ups in 16:9, 4:3 HD or SD; includes Fujinon's GO-Technology, which improves image resolution and chromatic aberrations at all focal lengths.
+49 2154 924 0;
Stand: 11.310


Compact, self-contained one M/E switcher accepts HD and SD formats; ideal for applications such as editing, studio production, mobile production and uplink vans.
+44 20 8391 7978;
Stand: 2.141


ENG batteries contain no lithium, allowing users to carry them in luggage on airplanes; comprises 50Wh and 150Wh battery packs compatible with V-Mount, PAGlok or NP1 formats.
+44 20 8543 3131;
Stand: 11.510

SCT 100U/S 10W
Screen Service

UHF stereo transmitter has a modular construction, conventional cooling, and AGC and ALC controls; features three-slope linearity precorrection; can program the local oscillator from the front panel; has a preset for precision offset; offers a soft-start circuit, low-power consumption, a SAW vestigial filter and sync restore.
+39 030 3582225;
Stand: 8.510

Genetic Engineering

A technology and suite of products for post and DI; gives eQ, iQ and Pablo systems access to the same media and allows each to work completely independently; lets multiple users access the same clips at the same time without copying or moving media; enables all resolutions for playout in real time without creating any new media.
+44 1635 48222;
Stand: 7.120

Television iPlex

Video processing platform includes MPEG-2 SD encoding, MPEG-4 AVC HD and SD encoding, MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 AVC transcoding, MPEG-2 transrating and picture-in-picture (PIP) service generation; features a high-density, NEBS-certified, telco-designed chassis; offers improved motion estimation process, single-slice video processing architecture and dedicated processing for low-res encoding of PIP services.
+44 2380 484000
Stand: 1.568


L-band satellite modem board operates in the 950MHz to 2050MHz L-band range; supports data rates from 2.4Kb/s to 20Mb/s in single-bit steps, as well as BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, 8PSK and 16QAM operation; includes input connectors for BUC and LNB voltages, built-in MIL 188-114A and Ethernet data interfaces and optional DVB to EN301-210 and EN300-421.
+44 1252 731300;
Stand: 1.418

Multibridge Eclipse
Blackmagic Design

External PCI Express capture card and playback solution features built-in 3Gb/s SDI connections, enabling twice the SDI data range than normal HD-SDI; connects to SDI, HDMI, component analog, NTSC/PAL and S-Video for capture and playback, with instant switching between SD, HD and 2K; offers 12 channels of XLR AES/EBU audio in and out, as well as four channels of XLR professional analog audio in and out; includes color management via built-in 3-D lookup tables.
+31 75 6572450;
Stand: 7.220

Avenue 7420
Ensemble Designs

Dual-rate logo inserter can accept either an SD or HD video input and key still logos and animations over program material; can supply separate fill and key outputs to a production switcher; the 7490 series submodule options for the 7420 provide HD up-, down- and crossconversion, as well as aspect ratio conversion; with the 7490 installed, the 7420 will accommodate whatever input is provided — SD-SDI or HD-SDI.
+1 530 478 1830
Stand: 8.390

iControl RSM
Miranda Technologies

Remote station monitoring system allows operators to monitor hundreds of signals across remote locations, over an IP network; combines the flexibility of iControl Web and the advanced processing and alarming capabilities of Kaleido multi-image processors; comprehensive signal probing alerts operators to multiple types of faults, including video signal loss, video freeze, video black, video luminance and audio silence.
+44 1491 820000;
Stand: 8.280


Enhanced version of the VALID lip-sync measurement system allows A/V sync problems to be quickly diagnosed and rectified; supports any HD or SD standard; the number of audio channels (inputs and outputs) has been increased from four to eight (four stereo); the output format/standard automatically switches to the same as that of the program input; the default format is user-selectable when the generator is in standalone or free-run mode.
+44 1189 866123;
Stand: 3.151

Rohde & Schwarz

TV signal analyzer combines the functionality of a TV test receiver and spectrum analyzer; offers real-time demodulation; allows new television standards to be implemented on a software and hardware basis; suitable for commissioning, installing and servicing TV transmitters, as well as coverage measurements for terrestrial TV and measurements on Cat 5 head stations; has a frequency range of 500kHz to 3GHz.
+49 41 291 2271
Stand: 8.250

Channel ONE

Graphics playout server provides a one-stop system for creating, scheduling and airing complete television channels in HD or SD; integrates a playout server, graphics, animation, video, audio and real-time external data feeds, and master control functionality in a single chassis; allows the creation of professional graphics, video titles, custom animations, motion effects and 3-D text.
+44 118 964 8000
Stand: 7.621

Grass Valley

Nonlinear editor uses PCI Express acceleration and an interface board to deliver uncompromised editing quality on a standard PC platform; the base software is EDIUS Broadcast NLE 4.0, which supports multiple layers and multiple formats in real time; supports embedded audio; a breakout box is available for analog audio I/O, component video I/O and frame-accurate RS-422 VTR control.
+33 1 34 207000
Stand: 1.411/7.531

Broadband power splitters

Power splitters feature a frequency range of 330MHz to 2700MHz, an even split, a flat frequency response, a low VSWR and stable passive intermodulation values of less than -160dBc; split up to 450W and resist voltage spikes up to 1800V; include integrated lightning protection on the antenna side and DC break on the input side.
+49 891 2601 0;
Stand: 8.215

NTP 625
NTP Technology

Digital audio router has its own control system, the NTP 625-151 redundant controller based on the QNX operating system housed in the base unit; scalable in sizes from 512 × 512 to 2048 × 2048 in a 19in 5RU frame; applicable in master control systems or in a combination with master control and distributed systems with subs/satellite connected via fiber-optic cables.
+45 44 53 11 88;
Stand: 11.131a


Newsroom computer system organizes all incoming information, such as wires, Web feeds, media, faxes and e-mails, for last-second news coverage; offers a global search engine, keyboard shortcuts for frequently used actions and saved screen layout recall; features a new service for transferring stories and whole rundowns, allowing channels to share their assets between offices around the world.
+420 221 181 511
Stand: 3.348

Route 6000

Standalone audio routers based on the Score Live DSP core and D21m I/O system; multiple I/O formats; capable of routing up to 1728 inputs and outputs; can be controlled by Studer Vista or OnAir 3000 consoles, Studer's Route 1000 software or via external third-party systems.
+41 44 870 7511;
Stand: 8.456

Video Io HD

Plug-in enables working in HD and SD in Apple's Final Cut Studio 2; via FireWire 800 interface, supports Apple's ProRes 422 codec in hardware, enabling 10-bit video editing on a MacPro desktop or MacBook Pro laptop; offers SD/HD analog I/O, SD/HD digital I/O (including HD-SDI and HDMI), balanced analog and digital AES audio, RS-422, genlock with loopthrough, and LTC time code connections.
+1 530 274 2048;
Stand: 7.610

Omneon Video Networks

Multichannel video media server built on the same technology as the company's Spectrum media server; supports both HD and SD; supports up to six simultaneous video channels; contains 4TB of disk storage, enough for more than 200 content hours at 25Mb/s; all disk storage and I/O modules are contained within a single 2RU chasses; a standard configuration includes eight enterprise-class SATA disk drives featuring dual-parity RAID for added protection.
+44 1256 347 400;
Stand: 8.260


Color lamps are made from rare earth phosphor; don't require color sleeves; based on the primary color T-5 lamps; control and dim each lamp individually to allow a smooth, even color range; made for ground row, grid-mount and drop ceiling applications; feature phase control.
+1 626 579 0943;
Stand: 11.153


LCD color analyzer measures CRT and LCD monitors; includes an LCD probe, a CRT probe and a display unit; the LCD probe has a stand to hold it steady in front of the monitor screen, while the CRT probe comes with a suction cup to secure it to the screen.
+45 44 85 02 55
Stand: 8.560


HDTV zoom lens conforms to full HDTV specifications; features ability to focus from a completely unfocused state and on high-speed moving objects, adjustable size and position of the target auto focus area in the camera, two operational modes of the auto focus system, zoom ratio of 100X, ultra telephoto of 1860mm with 2X extender and an optical shift image stabilizer.
+31 20 545 8905
Stand: 11.431


Camera support system features a modular configuration, which allows quick reaction; offers new supports and adaptor rings for the Canon XHG1, JVC GY-HD250 and Sony HVR-V1 series cameras; the adaptor rings protect against spill light and fix the proper alignment of the system.
+49 89 9010 910;
Stand: 11.548

Note: Stand numbers are provided by IBC and are current as of press time.