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IBC: EditShare Launches New Workflow Capabilities for Flow

EditShare unveiled new workflow engineered ingest and browse capabilities for EditShare Flow, its multi-channel SDI ingest solution at IBC 2009.

Fully integrated with the EditShare shared storage solutions, Flow provides recording and media management capabilities such as EditShare Universal Media File technology that enables Avid and Final Cut editors to simultaneously access and read the same media files stored on an EditShare media space. Partnering efforts with developers like Automatic Duck further leverage Universal Media File technology by enabling editors to not only open the same media file, but to read sequences and their associated media using Avid and Final Cut. No media transcoding, re-linking or re-rendering required.

New EditShare Flow features debuted at the show include the ability to make Avid or Final Cut sub-clips during ingest, real-time live logging with customizable metadata fields and logging templates. In addition, EditShare Flow will offer an EditShare Media Space Scan feature that indexes content ingested outside of Flow; optimizing media searches and management across an EditShare media space.

"We have a number of EditShare customers who are using the new Flow capabilities in a wide range of workflows. Big Brother South Africa is using Flow for their 24/7 production over a three month period. The entirely tapeless workflow is a first for Big Brother and the workflow engineered capabilities of Flow have made it possible for them to make the leap; effectively managing a massive amount of content while streamlining the pre and post production tasks," said James Richings, Flow Product Manager, EditShare EMEA. "For just about any production, capabilities such as live logging with pre-made templates and Avid and Final Cut sub clip creation make an enormous difference especially when you are shooting with many cameras over a long period of time. The post sessions are much more manageable with pre-editing starting at ingest and content fully online and easily searchable."