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IBC 2008 It's all on display

This year, IBC continues to explore the expansion of television services to other media channels — notably Web, IPTV and mobile. No broadcaster can afford to ignore the importance of a presence on the Web, but mobile and IPTV providers could be considered in competition for viewers. IBC again features a theme of convergence between broadcast and telecoms driving new media outlets.

Your future equipment purchases are likely to include more encoding, QoS management tools and IT equipment, and there will be a further penetration of file-based workflows into the traditional video arena. However, it is hard to make a program without traditional equipment like cameras, lenses and microphones. So you won't just see computer screens you walk around the show halls.

Our product preview on the pages that follow lists some of the new product launches at IBC that we thought would be of interest to you. Here at Broadcast Engineering we are not forgetting the Web either. Only a portion of our readers attend the show. If you can't make it to Amsterdam, our editors and writers will be there, offering their personal insights about the show on the BE@IBC blog.

Also, check out Broadcast Engineering TV for the latest new technology, keynote presenters and demonstrations of the hottest new products. New videos will be posted every day during the show.

Subscribers to the Broadcast Engineering E-zine will also receive a daily e-newsletter with the highlights of all of Broadcast Engineering's coverage of IBC2008.

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HD frame rate converter

FOR-A FRC-3000

Fits into a 1RU frame; ideal for news applications; uses vector motion compensation processing to analyze and determine the pixel movement in each image frame; features advanced scene cut detection and text field automatic detection; performs conversions between 1080/59.94i and 1080/50i, and between 720/59.94p and 720/50p HD frame rates in real time.
+44 20 8391 7979;
Stand: 2.A51, 2.B59

Frame sync/converter

AJA Video Systems FS1

Works with both HD/SD video in full 10-bit broadcast-quality video and 24-bit audio; provides up/downconversion between SD and HD; features simultaneous HD and SD outputs; supports virtually any input or output (analog or digital), eight-channel AES, balanced analog or embedded audio and closed-captioning; includes a built-in Web-based remote control.
+1 530 274 2048;
Stand: 7.F11

Systems integrationservices

ATG Broadcast

Supplies broadcast systems planning, design, installation and commissioning services; has the full resources needed to design, prebuild and test complete large-scale installations prior to delivery; experience includes site structure, air-conditioning, acoustics, lighting, energy conservation, furniture, technical documentation and operator training.
+44 1462 485 444
Stand: 8.B51

Integrated scheduling

MediaGeniX WHATS'On Generation 3

Multi-user software backbone that covers schedule management for a station, including budgeting, press communications, scheduling and broadcasting; designed with and understanding of the interactions and constraints between strategic planning, scheduling, traffic management, program acquisition, production, promotion, commercials, transmission preparation, media and finance information.
+32 2 467 34 30;
Stand: 3.C59

Audio console

Calrec Sigma with Bluefin

Features 320 channel-processing paths, allowing up to 52 × 5.1 surround channels on just one Bluefin digital signal processing card; provides a significant amount of delay to cope with the increasing synchronization problems, for example, resulting from mixed format HD/SD production; Bluefin signal processing provides 496 mono elements of up to 2.73 seconds of audio delay, which can be inserted at various places in the signal paths.
+44 1422 842159;
Stand: 8.D70

MHEG-5 middleware engine

Strategy & Technology RedKey 2

The new version of the company's MHEG-5 middleware engine; supports all the latest MHEG-5 profiles including Freesat in the UK, as well the Interaction Channel IP connectivity, HD support, an enhanced font renderer and PVR integration.
+44 20 7183 1511;
Stand: 1.B11


Axel Technology XTV

A multiformat SD/HD broadcast automation system featuring playout, capture, trimmimg and scheduling; provides simultaneous playout of any media format, including DV, HDV, MPEG-2, DVD, DIVX, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, MPEG — 1, H.264, WMV, QuickTime and MXF; enables direct control of VCRs, routing switchers, cart machines and GPIs; designed to integrate with nonlinear video editing stations like Premiere, Final Cut, Avid, Edius, Liquid and VT; no conversion is needed, allowing fast export times.
+39 051 736555
Stand: 8.E16

Multi-SDI monitor

Leader LV5330

A multi-SDI monitor with a wide range of applications in location television program production and digital cinematography; the compact test instrument that can be used intuitively by television creatives working on-location; a 6.5in integral XGA TFT screen makes it ideal for on-camera operation; CINELITE and new CINEZONE software are both supplied as standard features; compatible with more than 20 HD-SDI/SD-SDI formats; measures just 215mm × 128mm × 63mm and weighs only 1.3kg.
+31 40 2645 345;
Stand: 10.F38

HD/SD encoder

Streambox SBT3-9500

Designed for live and file-based news-gathering, video transport and acquisition in HD and SD; integrated into one lightweight and compact chassis; features 2.5 hours of battery life; capable of running on a car battery.
+1 206 956 0544
Stand: 7.J40

Matte box

CHROSZIEL MatteBox 450

Fits four Sony cameras — the HDR-FX1, HVR-Z1, PMW-EX1 and HVR-Z7; the EX1 and Z1 also use the same light-prevention ring that makes setup identical; because the front end of the 12×4.4 Zeiss lens used on the Z7 matches the front ring of the built-in lens on the EX1, both can be protected by the same 85mm inner diameter light-prevention ring; these two lenses have metric filter threads, allowing existing adaptor rings to be used to mount the Chrosziel SunShade SD 440.
+49 89 9010 910;
Stand: 11.E70

Routing switcher

Utah Scientific UTAH-400/528R

Gives users the ability to install a full 528 × 528 router in just 20RU; uses standard 75Ω BNC coaxial connectors; offers the option of a redundant crosspoint module for service reliability in mission-critical applications.
+39 0362 330001
Stand: 2.B20

SD logo inserter

Axon Digital Design SLI20

Features a preset-based logo recall function through a flexible user interface and local storage; multiple logos, including animated ones, can be selected through the Synapse menu, a dedicated Ethernet port or by GPI; includes two individual logo inserters; Inserter 1 has 16 presets for full-screen 720 × 576 480 logos or 384 × 216 400 frames of animation; Inserter 2 has 32 presets for 384 × 216 400 frames of animation; can be easily upgraded to handle HD signals.
+44 118 974 0480;
Stand: 10.A21/10.B21

Routing switcher

Blackmagic Design Broadcast Videohub

Includes 72 SDI inputs, 144 SDI outputs, 72 deck control ports, twin redundant power connections, SDI reclocking and 3Gb/s SDI technology in an 8RU chassis; all connections are grouped together to include an SDI input, SDI output, deck control port and SDI monitor output for each user; the large number of SDI outputs and inputs allows users to control their monitoring without affecting the input of their editing workstation.
+44 1565 830049
Stand: 7.B21

Automation system

Sundance Digital FastBreak NXT Entry Level Edition

A comprehensive solution for managing information and controlling content in the broadcast master control room; integrates database management with frame-accurate control of video servers, tape transports, switchers, routers and other common peripherals; built specifically for one- or two-channel operation; ideal solution for small-scale call letter broadcasters, cable, college, government and public access channels.
+44 1753 658 592
Stand: 7.J21

Ingest module

Omneon MediaPort 5220 series

Delivers all of the SD functionality of the 5320 series, with up to four channels of SD record and play in the same 1RU package; supports SD MPEG-2 encoding and decoding at rates from 3Mb/s to 50Mb/s; fully upgradable to the corresponding models in the 5320 family through a simple software upgrade; offers broadcasters full protection for their SD investment today without requiring expenditure for HD capabilities until needed.
+44 1256 347 400;
Stand: 8.B60

P2HD camcorder

Panasonic AG-HPX500

A 2/3in camcorder; features full production functionality with three exceptionally sensitive CCDs, support for DVCPRO HD and SD formats, 4:2:2 sampling and independent frame encoding; the camcorder's bayonet-type lens mount accepts a variety of professional lenses, including the 2/3in zoom lenses that allow the operator to capture the shallower depth of field often used in professional video.
+49 611 235 481
Stand: 8.F40

Automation system

Pebble Beach Systems News List

Allows broadcasters rapid control over dynamic content, such as live and breaking news, that is played to air from a newsroom studio environment; gives the operator a list of playout material provided from the newsroom (via industry standard MOS); enables operators to play the content out in a completely random order via an intuitive and responsive user interface.
+44 1932 333790;
Stand: 8.B50

Control room furniture

Custom Consoles Module-R

Pick-and-mix system for broadcast control rooms and network operation control; enables desks to be produced according to specific needs from a selection of high-quaility pods, base sections, 19in rack housings, worktops, end-panel modules and legs; available as single-bay sections with up to 10RU chassis capacity.
+ 44 1525 379 909
Stand: 8.A40

MPEG-2 transport stream multiplexer

Manzanita Systems MP2TSME v5.0

Accepts H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 video, MPEG-1/2 video, HDV, 4:2:2 profile, MPEG audio, AAC, DTS, Dolby Digital AC-3, Dolby Digital Plus E-AC-3 and MPEG-4 HE-AAC audio; features set of tools for preprocessing input streams, creating data and manipulating existing transport streams; includes support for multiplexing of DVB bitmapped subtitle data and ITU-R System B teletext as Private Stream 1; supports multiplexing of cueing messages for digital program insertion as specified in ANSI/SCTE 35.
+1 858 679 8990
Stand: 12P.A26

Fiber-optic transmission system

Opticomm Optiva

Features customizable, multi-oriented video, audio and data input configurations; supports most signals deriving from commercially available video, audio and data equipment in any configuration; the system can be configured online; offers daisy-chained time division multiplexing.
+1 858 450 0143;
Stand: 2.A40

Panel antenna

Dielectric TUM

A high-power, broadband UHF elliptically polarized panel antenna; offers a variable polarization ratio from zero to 100 percent while maintaining the axial ratio; features a single-input design that reduces feed system complexity by eliminating unnecessary connections and thus increasing system reliability; provides 200MHz bandwidth, with a VSWR less than 1.1:1 and a power rating of 2kW per panel.
+1 207 655 8100;
Stand: M384

16GB P2 card


The high capacity enables production teams to rely on P2 technology for the capture of high-quality HD/SD images with longer shooting times and much greater flexibility; works with new AG-HVX200 and AG-HPX500 P2 HD camcorders purchased from May 2007 forward; upgrade software for HVX200 systems already in the marketplace will require a free, downloadable software upgrade, available on the Panasonic Web site.
+49 611 235 481
Stand: 8.F40


Digital RapidsStreamZ Live

The live streaming media encoder is ideal for applications from live IPTV channels and webcasting to mobile video; now offers encoding formats including H.264/AVC, VC-1/WMV, On2 VP6 for Adobe Flash, MPEG-2 and 3GPP/mobile.
+44 1428 751012
Stand: 7.G41, IP234

MAM platform

Dalet Enterprise Edition

Captures, creates, manages, distributes and stores media using a centralized content catalog fully integrated with a comprehensive set of customizable production tools; provides an SOA-compliant, Web services API that facilitates the integration of third-party systems and applications.
+33 1 41 27 67 00;
Stand: 9.D28

Mobile transmitter

Elber WLCT-01

Ideal in situations where portability and mobility is important; incorporates MPEG-2 and COFDM technologies; features an optional 36MHz IF frequency output and a frequency range from 2.1GHz to 2.5GHz; supports 6MHz, 7MHz or 8MHz bandwidths; features low power consumption.
+39 0185 351333;
Stand: 8.A11

HD ENG lens

Fujinon ZA17.7.6

Provides 17X magnification, with 7.6 focal length at the wide end and 130mm focal length at the telephoto end; maximum relative aperture is 1:1.8 for 7.6mm through 102mm, and 1:2.3 at 130mm; 2X extender is standard; weighs 1.53kg and measures 85mm × 203mm; features Inner Focus, a servo module with Digi Power, Quick Zoom, One Shot Pre-Set, Cruise Zoom and remote control via RS-232.
+49 21 54924 0;
Stand: 11.C20

Rack-mount video transport system

Streambox SBT3-9200

Provides full-motion, full-frame 1080i/720p HD broadcast video and audio over data rates ranging from 515Kb/s to 20Mb/s; features advanced networking capabilities, including robust FEC.
+1 206 956 0544;
Stand: 7.J40

Video encoder

ViewCast Niagara 8224

Enables video surveillance of multiple cameras, each streaming in D1, full resolution; features eight channels, two Osprey-450e PCI Express video capture cards, encoding in most common viewing standards (simultaneously, live in real time or save to file) and the option to upgrade to S-video and component connectivity.
+44 1256 345610
Stand: 7.J10

Portable streaming media encoder

ViewCast Niagara GoStream SURF

Can simultaneously capture video and send multiple full-resolution streams to PCs and mobile devices in multiple formats and at multiple bit rates; supports MPEG-4, Adobe Flash Live, Microsoft Windows Media, RealVideo and uncompressed AVI.
+44 1256 345610;
Stand: 7.J10

Editing system

OmniBus iTX Edit

Tailored to the demands of news and sports applications, with an emphasis on speed and ease of use; does not require a render to the finished edit before it goes to air, as the iTX playback engine can render the EDL in real time, with vision and audio effects, stills and captions.
+44 8705 004 300;
Stand: 8.D41

Monitoring system

Volicon Observer RPM 100

An entry-level analysis system designed for cable MSOs and station groups who need a cost-effective solution for monitoring and analyzing signal quality and QoE at geographically dispersed secondary headends and remote unmanned cable hubs; the single-port system offers a subset of the core RPM functionality for monitoring the signal quality at remote locations; can be set to monitor a single channel around the clock or to continuously scan multiple channels.
+1 781 221 7400;
Stand: 7.H09

Media handling solutions

Suitcase TV Aqua

Range of integrated modular products includes: Metadata Editor for browsing video and audio and creating or editing compliance data that is time code based and frame accurate; TrakStak for adding, replacing or synchronizing audio tracks; and TimePlus for recording ASI or SDI transmissions without compression and rebroadcasting on a delay interval.
+44 1473 258 251
Stand: 2.C10

Content management system

TANDBERG MediaModeler

Designed to enable telco operators to increase customer satisfaction and retention as well as monetize their Web portals with a compelling online video experience; allows operators to provide subscribers with a more personalized user experience, and richer search and discovery features, enabling converged services across TVs, PCs and mobile devices.
+44 23 8048 4000
Stand: 1.D61a

Mobile content delivery tool

SysMedia Mobile Gold

Provides content and information delivery to mobile phones from Plasma Gold; the multiplatform production and management system enables fast and easy republishing; opens up the publishing of topical information such as sports news and finance, coupled with advertising and SMS response, generating additional revenue and brand awareness.
+ 44 1293 814 200
Stand: 3.B67

Fiber-optic system

Telecast Fiber Systems CopperHead

Mounts directly onto any portable camera, delivering both digital (SD/SDI or uncompressed HD/SDI) and analog video to a remote base station up to 32km away; uses a single fiber cable that is one-tenth the weight of ordinary coaxial or triax cable; transports all of the bidirectional audio, return video, sync, intercom, data and control signals required for remote broadcasts.
+1 508 754 4858
Stand: 10.B39

Multichannel waveform monitor

DK-Technologies PT0760M

Designed to operate in the OB market, as well as the studio and master control areas of a facility; equipped with up to four auto-sensing HD/SD video inputs, full audio metering and audio de-embedding of up to 16 channels; available with an in-built rasterizer and quad splitter, which enables the meter to provide picture preview to a single HD monitor while providing the output of the waveform and audio meters to an additional screen.
+45 44 85 02 50
Stand: 8.E60

Content storage management

Front Porch Digital DIVArchive v.6.1

Key enhancements include multiple parallel transcode support, a function to rebuild damaged data tape, DIVArchive components running as services, and Storage Plan Manager enhancements; other updates include LTO-4 tape drive support, IBM TS3550 library support, and partial restore of Harris Leitch AVI DV-25 and Matrox IMX50.
+33 4 50 88 37 70;
Stand: 11.D45

Dual HD downconverter

Ensemble Designs 7925

Two-channel, dual downconverter with HD and SD outputs accepts 720p, 1080i, 1080sF and 1080p inputs that are synchronous or asynchronous; if an SD-SDI input is received, SD is passed to the output; internal progressive processing is performed at 16 bits resolution; downconverted outputs are timeable with respect to the reference input and can feed production switchers and routers.
+1 530 478 1830
Stand: 8.C90

Clip player, mixer and keyer

Echolab MegaKeyMD

Can serve as a networked storage device for animated graphics and video clips; accepts both HD and SD inputs; features a two-channel internal mixer and internal linear keyer to support playout of dynamic video clips; fully integrated with the Overture switcher series to support complex animated transitions through the switcher's Stinger feature.
+1 978 715 1020;
Stand: 11.D79

ASI-over-IP gateway

ENENSYS GigaCaster

An SFN synchronization mechanism and a new statistical multiplexing feature for the company's TransCaster mobile TV transcoder; the high-density video gateway can transport up to eight MPEG-2 transport streams over IP networks; performs encapsulation (ASI to IP) and de-encapsulation (IP to ASI) simultaneously and preserves both MFN and SFN networks.
+33 1 70 72 51 70;
Stand: 12P.A21


Harris X85

All-in-one processor features a linear frame rate conversion option that converts 59.94Hz- and 50Hz-based signals, dual-channel processing for maximum efficiency, and a 3Gb/s upgrade capability designed to allow for an easy, economical move anytime a broadcaster is ready to make the transition to 1080p; offers eight AES inputs and outputs with 32 channels of internal audio processing in a 1RU frame.
+44 118 964 8000
Stand: 7.G20

DAB transmitters

Rohde & Schwarz R&S NA8200

Suitable for VHF band III; output DAB and T-DMB signals in the high-power range; their output power is higher and their footprint lower than that of the existing DAB transmitters of the R&S NA6000 series; equipped with a function for optimizing efficiency at reduced output power; comprise the new R&S SX801 DAB exciter; all important transmitter components are redundant in design.
+49 89 41 29 0
Stand: 8.B47

Web-based system controller

Eyeheight eyeCon

Allows PC-based control of Ethernet-equipped modules in the Eyeheight range; offers integral diagnostics; the green status shows that the module under interrogation is fully operational, gray status indicates the device does not support status monitoring and red status offers additional information such as loss of input video.
+44 20 82 552 015
Stand: 2.C48

Content playout

PlayBox Technolgy AirBox 4

Now includes ability to add servers to playout software; offers H.264 support; new Mixed Playout Engine supports real-time transitions between clips of different compression formats, simplifying operation by removing the need for content transcoding and compression domain unification; replays multiple compression formats from a list comprising clips coded in, for example, MPEG-2, DV, AVC/H.264 and VC-1/WMV with perfect continuity between clips; features MXF support for MPEG-2, DV and HDV, a live presentation control interface, unlimited metadata support for clips, commercial insertion tools and more.
+44 1707 66 44 44;
Stand: 8.A31


Blackmagic Design Mini Converters

Converters feature 3Gb/s SDI technology, redundant SDI inputs, balanced analog and AES/EBU switchable audio, standard 1/4in jack audio connections and an international power supply that includes adapter plates for all international power sockets; all models have the same basic features, and there is only one model for each type of conversion for increased simplicity; models include the Mini Converter SDI to Analog, Mini Converter Analog to SDI, Mini Converter SDI to HDMI, Mini Converter HDMI to SDI, and Mini Converter Sync Generator.
+44 1565 830049
Stand: 7.B21

Test signal generator

Hamlet FlexiScope Option 3 Module

Displays HD-SDI and SD-SDI video and audio signals on the 9000 series range of Hamlet instruments; generator functions independently of the video and audio monitor with 16 available test signals, allowing closed-loop testing; the HD/SD serial input connection is made to the center gold-plated BNC socket, which is internally terminated at 75Ω; a second BNC provides for a video and audio SDI generator, while a third allows an external timing reference or AES audio singal to be input.
+44 1494 729 728;
Stand: 9.E13

News production system

EVS CleanEdit Suite HD

Enables browsing, clipping, media management, editing and approvals all within the same environment; features intuitive and customizable UIs and interoperability with external graphics systems and NRCS systems via MOS; supports MXF for P2 and XDCAM formats as well as MPEG long GOP and I-frame.
+32 4 361 70 00;
Stand: 8.B90, IP121

Native file transfer system

Nucomm Messenger IP Media Gateway

Consists of a 1RU remote unit and 1RU studio unit; enables broadband IP connectivity between an ENG/SNG truck or OB van and the broadcast studio through integration with the existing broadcaster digital transmission infrastructure; can sustain 98 percent use of a 40Mb/s link with as little as a 7Kb/s return channel; operates in trickle mode, in which live video and IP traffic are sent simultaneously by sharing the available bandwidth with priority given to the live video feed, and broadband mode, where almost the entire link is dedicated to IP traffic.
+1 908 852 3700
Stand: 1.A30

Electronic digital recorder

Polecam Flash XDR

Does not require tape or disc drive mechanism; captures HD video straight to CompactFlash solid-state memory cards; deck measures 178mm × 127mm × 44mm; weighs 500g; can be mounted at the rear of a Polecam unit; offers silent operation; stores up to 164 minutes of 50Mb/s MPEG 4:2:2 1920 × 1080 pixel HD video on four hot-swappable 16GB memory cards; supports MPEG-2 4:2:2 at 100Mb/s and 160Mb/s, as well as HDV over IEEE-1394.
+44-1234 855 222
Stand: 10.C49

Digital audio routers

NTP Technology Penta 725-100

Part of a range of compact digital audio signal processors; consists of a standalone router with 64 AES/EBU stereo and dual MADI inputs/outputs; designed for broadcast studios, post-production and OB environments; can be controlled locally or remotely; includes front-panel navigation keys and a compact display for local configuration and system setup; fits in a 1RU chassis; an integral Web server enables remote TCP/IP-based configuration and control via RJ45 Ethernet.
+45 44 53 11 88;
Stand: 8.B51

HDTV connectors

Fischer Connectors 1053 series

Combines the technology of Fischer broadcast triax connectors with the technology of Corning UniCam fiber-optic contacts; simple, convenient and economical for assembling HDTV camera connectors in the field in only 30 minutes.
+41 21 800 95 95 ;
Stand: 11.E61

Newsroom computer system

Octopus Newsroom OCTOPUS6

Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux OS; features single-tap search that allows users to search for wires and stories by typing the search phrase directly in the list; offers double-column scripting with spell checker, mouse-free approach and live script preview; time markers divide rundowns into segments for show planning, and time stamps keep directors aware of the footage deficiency/surplus and whether stories need to be cut or added.
+420 221 181 511
Stand: 3.B58

Video graphics rendering platform

Orad Hi-Tech Systems GBox 2U

Supports Maestro HD/SD CG and 3DPlay channel branding and auto promo solutions; enables the playout of real-time 3-D graphics and of multiple video files supporting commonly used formats such as AVI, QuickTime, DV, DVC25 and MPEG; supports one SD/HD video insertion, enabling the user to map a video onto any object in the graphic scene.
+972 9 767 6862;
Stand: 9.E20, IP223

Time code reader/generator/inserter

ESE SD-488

Reads and generates SD serial digital video linear time code and digital vertical interval time code; accepts 4:2:2 (525- and 625-line) digital video signals; superimposes time and/or user bits onto video with as many as 30 alphanumeric characters; features front-panel controls, a rear-mounted USB port, rear-mounted BNC connectors and XLR time code input and output connectors.
+1 310 322 2136
Stand: N/A

HD codec

HaiVision SystemsMAKO-HD

H.264 codec for hai1000 multistream system; provides 70ms of end-to-end latency and for HiLo streaming, emitting both high-res and CIF resolution simultaneously for the same source; supports up to 1080p resolution at up to 10Mb/s as well as full frame rate WXGA computer input.
+1 514 334 5445;
Stand: IP253

VoIP virtual keypanel

RTS Virtual Keypanel

A Windows-based application that allows users to have a fully functioning RTS Digital Matrix Intercom user station on the PC; connects via the PC's Ethernet connection to any path that can support standard IP protocols, including LAN, WAN and VPN; compatible with any RTS Digital Matrix Intercom equipped with the RVON interface.
+49 9421 706 0
Stand: 10.A31

Audio monitoring system

Genelec SE DSP

Combines the new SE761A 10in DSP subwoofer with 8130A digital input active monitors for easy configuration as a subassisted stereo or multichannel reference system; features new AutoCal GLM SE software that provides a familiar graphic interface to speed setup and calibration; designed for smaller recording and mixing environments.
+358 17 83 881;
Stand: 8.C58

Automated content assurance system

Snell & Wilcox QC Station

Leverages algorithms of company's Hyperion to provide alarms and on-screen display of faults or anomalies in audio, video and metadata; capable of frame-accurate measurement and recording of commercial content for verification; features TCP/IP connectivity.
+44 23 9248 9000
Stand: 8.B77

Multi-SDI monitor

Leader LV5380

The monitor incorporates a large 8.4in 1024 × 768 pixel XGA integral screen with full color-calibration facilities; designed for use by camera operators in high-end mobile productions and by colorists in OB production vehicles; displays video and audio signal information in a variety of operator-selectable combinations; the monitor screen provides accurate source-picture representations, high-resolution waveforms and clearly readable text.
+31 40 2645 345;
Stand: 10.F38

DVR and player

Fast Forward Video Elite HD

Camera-mounted DVR and player harnesses the JPEG2000 compression codec for recording HD-SDI video signals; gives broadcasters a new option for recording high-quality video from HD-SDI cameras while reducing the costs of storage media; accepts an incoming HD-SDI video signal with up to eight channels for embedded audio; uses J2K to record at data rates of 100Mb/s with virtually no loss in signal quality.
+1 949 852 8404;
Stand: 10.F35

Archive storage

SGL FlashBox

An all-in-one solution that includes a combined disk and tape archive providing up to 1000 hours of entry-level storage up to 25Mb/s, based on LTO4 tape drive technology; provides technology and business benefits, including scalable disk and tape storage; can be expanded internally from its entry-level capacity up to nearly 5000 hours of 25Mb/s media archive.
+44 1489 889 930;
Stand: 8.B20e

Transmission network

Media Broadcast NGN

Connects IP and broadcast technology; users can manage the connections themselves; a central dispatching system allows high-quality transmission paths for broadcast signals to be spontaneously switched or scheduled in advance; users can set up dedicated lines and network structures for their entire data traffic via the network.
+49 761 59014 234
Stand: 1.B79

HD wireless camera transmitter

Link Research L1500

Supports a wide selection of RF modules that can be swapped over to operate in bands of 1.4GHz to 7.5GHz; uses the company's encoding and modulation methods to cut transmission delays to about one frame, making the transmitter suitable for live sports productions; includes options for camera control for Sony and Thomson Grass Valley cameras.
+44 1923 474060
Stand: 1.A61, OE220

Satellite capacity

Globecast EUROBIRD 9 satellite capacity

Blue chip broadcasters and smaller channels can now join GlobeCast's newest satellite platform on EUROBIRD 9 for Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa; EUROBIRD 9 shares a neighbourhood with the 1100 channels on HOT BIRD, providing immediate access to major cable and DTH operators such as Tele Columbus, Visavision and TVTel through easy dual reception.
+33 1 55 95 26 00;
Stand: 1.A59

3G/HD/SD processor

Miranda Technologies Densite series XVP-3901

Offers advanced video and audio processing on a single card; ideal for incoming/outgoing feed applications; module accepts 3G/HD/SD signals via BNC or fiber; provides simultaneous 3G/HD and SD outputs; allows signals to be up/down/crossconverted and frame synchronized; black side panels introduced during up/downconversion can be filled using an integral background keyer.
+44 1491 820 000;
Stand: 8.B80


Panther Twister

In an updated version of the dolly, the steering geometry was enhanced and the drawbar improved for smooth-running steering; the body of a platform dolly can be enlarged, not only by its length and width but also height; features a strengthened push bar; six different positions for assembly on the dolly (even sideways) give additional support to the operator.
+49 89 613 900 01
Stand: 11.E40

Integrated transport/switching system

Media Links MD-MAX

Handles every type of video, audio and data signal used by broadcasters today; designed for large-scale operations to combine all the traffic that normally flows over separate cables and networks in a single, high-capacity, reusable backbone that can be extended to reach every corner of a facility or between facilities; features speeds of 3.2Tb/s.
+1 203 878 5152
Stand: 3.C20

Monitoring and logging solution

Mediaproxy Enigma LogServer 7

Includes Web browser interface to review, stream, configure and monitor all logging resources; supports IPTV/ASI transport stream sources; features searchable caption logging and notification of keywords; supports multiple caption and text channels (e.g. English/Spanish/private data); six-channel SDI or analog server in 2RU with up to 150 days of storage at 512Kb/s per channel.
+61 3 9549 1122
Stand: 7.A39

Digital audio console

Studer OnAir 2500

A compact digital broadcast console, with DSP, I/O connectivity and power supplies in a single chassis, making for easy installed or portable use; available in 12-, 18- and 24-fader models; offers optional motorized faders; seamlessly integrates with the company's Call Management system; additional I/O audio formats can be added through the D21m system.
+41 44 870 75 11
Stand: 8.D60

Content management system

Pharos Mediator 4

New advanced search tools enhance efficiency of all areas; multi-language interface allows users to share the same system and material to work together locally and remotely using their preferred language; new Playtime Web-based playout automation user interface allows playout and publishing operation to be distributed; new Playtime templates enable traffic or scheduling systems to directly manage channel and content promotion for any distribution platform.
+ 44 118 950 2323;
Stand: 10.D31

Workflow solution

Xytech Systems Service Request

Module allows internal and external users to browse for both physical and digital assets in the library and either request a media asset and/or specify work that needs to be done to the content based on entered specifications; transforms request into a work order/project including the scheduling of any necessary resources that will perform the work and the estimated costs and completion time.
+1 818 303 7800
Stand: 7.A41

LCD monitors

Marshall Electronics In-Monitor Display (IMD)

Fully integrated solution allows UMD information and tallies to be displayed directly within an LCD flat-panel monitor; saves rack space; features on-screen video time code, three-color soft tallies and audio presence indicator.
+1 310 333 0606
Stand: 9.A51


Scopus Video Networks Integrated Receiver Processor (IRP)

A technology platform for advanced receiving and processing applications; based on the company's integrated receiver decoder (IRD) technology; targets a variety of headend, edge receiving and processing applications for cable, satellite, terrestrial and IPTV operator; addresses handling of multiformat SD/HD content, H.264/MPEG-2 decoding, transport stream descrambling, IP edge streaming, ASI aggregation, remultiplexing, transmodulation and HD-to-SD downconversion.
+972 3 9007777;
Stand: 1.B49

Streaming encoder management/control

Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager

Simplifies operation with centralized scheduling, monitoring and remote control while maintaining automated failover and alerts; new features include mosaic-style multichannel confidence monitoring and router matrix control for enhanced failover flexibility.
+44 1428 751012
Stand: 7.G41, IP234

Shared storage system

Studio Network Solutions Evo

Offers file sharing, volume sharing, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NAS and up to 24TB per system; includes four seats of SANmp and four seats of Postmap; enables everyone in a workgroup to edit, share and review projects, media and other large files using the most appropriate connection type for the assigned task.
+1 314 733 0551
Stand: 7.G18

DVI-I link

QuStream Cheetah V5

Enables long-distance delivery of DVI-I video or VGA component video and stereo audio via a single optical fiber or coax cable; allows DVI video to be routed via conventional routing switcher technology over secure optical fiber; composed of transmitting and receiving modules; modules may be used as standalone bricks or mounted in a single rack that can hold up to four modules.
+1 416 385 2323;
Stand: 2.B51

Communication station

Wohler Touch-Comm

Consists of two touch-screen control panels; the left touch panel displays up to 12 thumbnail video images; a touch to a thumbnail will route that source to an external monitor for enhanced viewing; the right touch-screen is the communication control panel of an IP-based matrix intercom system that facilitates nonblocking, multichannel intercommunication.
+44 1234 320006;
Stand: 9.E40

Lighting system

Videssence P110-255BX Power Key

Provides 110W coverage using two 55W Biax lamps; features a simple adjustment mechanism that moves the lamp within the fixture for 60-degree, 70-degree or 90-degree spread, and an adjustable rotating mounting yoke; available in dim and non-dim configurations; UL/CUL/CE approved.
+1 626 579 0943
Stand: 11.A78

HD portable camera

Sony HDC-1450

Optimized for the European market; uses advanced HD digital signal processing with 14-bit A/D converters; incorporates a new CCD imager that creates images in 720 50p or 1080 50i frame rates, depending on desired final system output; includes a triax cable interface, which permits simple integration with existing studio or outside broadcast infrastructure.
+44 1256 355011;
Stand: 9.C10/9.A31/9.A20/9.A32

Intercom-over-IP system

Riedel Connect IP×8

The 19in, 1RU unit converts eight bidirectional AES or analog signals into IP data and vice versa; available in three versions, offering different interface options; the Cat 5 and coax versions are for connecting panels and other AES signals, while the AIO version is ideal for connecting four wires and other analog sources; can connect up to eight standard Artist 1000, 2000 or 3000 series control panels with full functionality to an Artist matrix via an IP network.
+49 202 292 90;
Stand: 10.A41

Panel array antenna

Radio Frequency Systems PHP 5S

A new five-sided horizontally polarized panel antenna; delivers advanced levels of horizontal radiation pattern (HRP) performance; engineered for DTV applications; supports multiple channel operation over the entire UHF band (470MHz to 860MHz); incorporates RFS' dipole design and a new winged back screen; delivers omnidirectional HRP performance across the entire UHF band.
+49 511 676 2731
Stand: 8.D29

Video and audio processors

QuStream Integrity 600

Range of modular video and audio processing and distribution systems; offer high component density and high-level redundancy; the compact FRM603 chassis accommodates up to 20 signal processing cards, reducing system cost; the new modules include the MUX643/683, which processes and reclocks 270MHz to 3Gb/s inputs and can embed/process four/eight AES/Dolby E inputs.
+1 416 385 2323
Stand: 2.B51

Automation and master control

Pro-Bel Morpheus ICE

Standalone automation and master control system in a 3RU box supports a wide range of SD and HD video file formats, removing the transcode bottleneck; new enhancements include the addition of an even more advanced schedule tool, as well as a new events management tool; now allows live events broadcasters the flexibility to schedule different commercial breaks for the same slot, using whichever is the most appropriate at the last minute.
+44 118 986 6123;
Stand: 3.A61

A/V monitor


A/V monitor capable of decoding all standards up to and including 1080p 50/60Hz; features include HD/SDI audio metering with an integrated 4.5in, 16:9 LCD screen.
+44 1628 676 200;
Stand: 10.B41

Craft editor

Thomson Grass Valley Aurora Craft

Offers tapeless workgroups complete QoS and bandwidth protection against bottlenecks while giving each user unfettered deterministic access to materials; multi-I/O processor design includes common SDI and component video inputs, AES/EBU digital audio and balanced audio support, RS-422 device control, and SD and HD component outputs.
+33 1 34 20 70 00
Stand: 1.D11, 7.F31, 1.E02

Handheld TV analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz R&S ETH

Portable solution for indoor coverage measurements as well as for the installation and maintenance of low-power transmitters; designed for TV network operators that broadcast in DVB-T and for providers that operate a mobile TV network using DVB-H; features a high-contrast color display and the capability to run up to 4.5 hours on battery power, making it ideal for outdoor use.
+49 89 41 29 0
Stand: 8.B47

Digital repeater

ProTelevision Technologies PT2090

Offers input/output RF flexibility without the need for external filters; features an input/output frequency range from 30MHz to 1000MHz; provides customized channel filters available on-demand for enhanced selectivity by critical applications; supports SFN (ISO channel operation) and MFN operation; has a high precision squelch function; offers manual and automatic gain control with adjustable max gain; features a built-in digital linear/nonlinear precorrector; users can control the unit via front-panel and remote monitoring (SNMP, Weblink, RS-232).
+45 44700000
Stand: 8.B41

Handheld receiver


Portable handheld monitor/receiver receives COFDM DVB-T modulation in modes QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM; equipped with a 5.6in high-res screen; offers record and playback capabilities via a user-replaceable flash memory card; currently available in 2GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands; other frequency bands can be furnished upon request.
+1 717 249 4900
Stand: 1.A30

Remote head

Panther Trixy

A new tripod operation for the remote system provides comfortable control independent of the crane; handle control can be adjusted precisely and individually to the requirements of the operator; both height and position of the handles and the CPU box are movable/adjustable; the completely digital remote head system comes with up to three axes and moves cameras in all directions.
+49 89 613 900 01
Stand: 11.E40

IP content exchange solution

vsn vsnIPtransfer

Enables content providers and broadcasters to exchange high-quality files through standard IP networks, such as DSL, 3G and ISDN at around 15X to 20X times faster than standard FTP technology; provides dramatic cost-reduction compared with today's tape transfer process or satellite transmission.
+34 93 734 99 70;
Stand: 9.A30

Audio monitoring solutions

RTW Loudness Family

The SurroundControl, SurroundMonitor and DigitalMonitor now include an integrated loudness display conforming to the ITU BS.1771 guideline as a standard feature; easy-to-use solutions for monitoring the loudness of stereo, multichannel and surround signals in a wide range of applications, as a complement or an alternative to conventional peak meters; users can select integrated loudness measurement, as per ITU BS.1771 for stereo signals, as an alternative to the usual peak meter bar graphs.
+49 221 709130;
Stand: 8.E86

Multi-image display system

Miranda Technologies Kaleido-X

Now integrates with Pro-Bel's Sirius routers to create highly robust, combined multi-image and routing systems with control of up to 512 HD/SD video inputs and up to 64 multi-image display outputs; offers a flexible expansion path for the multiviewer, intuitive on-screen mouse router control and dynamic source text tracking.
+44 1491 820 000;
Stand: 8.B80

Digital TV transmitters

Screen Service SDT MAGNUM series

Digital TV transmitters for SFN and MFN networks; feature a built-in SFN adapter and advanced technology, which allows implementation of all modulation patterns for either digital or analog in the same hardware; firmware allows zero-error signal processing thanks to an internal 32-bit architecture; the SDT ARK-1 is an all-in-one transposer and transmitter for all modulation, including the ISDB-Tb.
+39 030 3582225;
Stand: 8.E28

Workflow solution

Xytech Systems Digital Order

Module functions as a workflow manager that automates the fulfillment steps and can manage third-party products that may include transcode, color correction, digital QC, watermark, move to archive, physical delivery on tape or digital delivery through FTP, satellite uplink or IP network.
+1 818 303 7800;
Stand: 7.A41

HD monitors

Wohler RM series

Ideal for video and audio conference monitoring in mobile trucks, news and transmission control rooms, and duplication and post-production facilities; each screen can display eight channels of VU over PPM audio level meters, UMD, safe areas, frame marks, cropping, switchable aspect ratios and built-in color bars; provide an active loop-through output for each SDI input.
+44 1234 320006;
Stand: 9.E40



A 3Gb/s-ready broadcast server that builds on the NEXIO and offers and HD/SD architecture; designed to integrate signal quality control, channel branding, multiviewer I/O monitoring and playout automation capabilities in a 3RU chassis; at the heart of the platform is a storage architecture built around the AMP Media-Core engine; features a real-time, 64-bit software engine and task-specific multicore CPU/GPU/FPGA processing.
+44 118 964 8000;
Stand: 7.G20

News automation system

OmniBus iTX NEWS

Features multiformat capabilities that allow users to ingest and edit together SD and HD sources easily, and combine them in the same playlist with nonbroadcast material and user-generated content, with real-time format conversion and rendering of effects; the architecture streamlines the output of multiple versions of the same playlist for SD, HD, Internet streaming, mobile TV and other platforms, with automatic transcoding and distribution of content.
+44 8705 004 300;
Stand: 8.D41

Audio recorder/mixer

Zaxcom Fusion

A high-resolution audio mixer and recorder; optimized for use in reality television, surround recording and ENG applications; replaces the multiple mixers and portable recorders that would normally be required to support mixing and recording of audio to camera via RF link or hardwired cable; can mix together 16 inputs to eight output busses for recording up to eight tracks.
+1 973 835 5000;
Stand: 8.D81

Production audio maximizer

Linear Acoustic

Enables users to achieve sound quality in news and other locally produced content; provides processing that makes it easy to combine studio content with prerecorded spots, insertions and live remotes without fear of overload or audible side effects; features multiband stereo processing, with analog and digital inputs and outputs.
+1 717 735 3611;
Stand: 8.C11

Media production management system

Solid State Logic Gravity

Provides a high-speed network capable of handling a mass of information in a renderless, distributed environment; key features include HD and SD editing with effects on the same timeline, proxy editing while recording, and the capability of generating multiple, simultaneous output formats in different resolutions to cover any broadcasting situation.
+44 1865 842300;
Stand: 12P.C28


Radio Frequency Systems MTV-4

Vertically polarized antenna is fully UHF mobile TV broadband; supports frequencies from 470MHz to 806MHz; weighs 25kg; diameter measures 140mm; accommodates input powers of up to 1kW with a gain of 6dB; provides a high wind speed rating and low wind load characteristics.
+49 511 676 2731;
Stand: 8.D29

Infrastructure solutions

Snell & Wilcox IQ Modular

Include more than 400 intelligent component building blocks; provide compatibility with 3G emerging standards and metadata-rich infrastructures, as well as current analog, SD and HD standards; IQDSK00 is an HD/SD downstream keyer; IQSPI00 is an interfacing product with custom-configurable operational control; IQSDA2 series offers single- and dual-channel SD/HD/3G-capable distribution products.
+44 23 9248 9000;
Stand: 8.B77

LCD monitor

Sony BVM-L230

Designed for broadcast post production, D-Cinema production, evaluation and mastering; delivers accurate color reproduction, precision imaging and picture consistency; features a high-grade customized LCD panel with a 10-bit driver for smooth grayscale and color transitions, precision high-purity LED backlight and a sophisticated display engine; possesses a high frame rate capability, allowing black-frame insertion for reduced motion blur.
+44 1256 355011;
Stand: 9.C10/9.A31/9.A20/9.A32

Routing switcher

Utah Scientific UTAH-400/XL

Designed for large-scale routing capacity in limited physical space; 1056 × 1056 matrix fits in a single equipment rack while using industry-standard BNC connectors; readily scalable from 288 × 288 to 1056 × 1056 and beyond using a single family of matrix building blocks.
+39 0362 330001
Stand: 2.B20

Audio decoder


An eight-channel HD/SDI and Dolby audio decoder; has been updated to 3GB/s and now decodes all standards up to and including 1080p 60, 59.94 and 50Hz; provides a complete HD monitoring solution for master control rooms, playout, production and OB installations; features high-resolution bar graph displays, AES and analog audio inputs.
+44 1628 676 200
Stand: 10.B41