Iatakoo Debuts Dailies Remote Production Tool

(Image credit: Latakoo)

AUSTIN, Texas—Iatakoo is now offering the new Iatakoo Dailies workflow, which is designed to ingest video files from a shooting location to the Iatakoo cloud for post editing.

Dailies builds on Iatakoo’s cloud-based platform by enabling video crews to send lightweight proxy files to editors. Proxy files are created and uploaded to Iatakoo cloud accounts with Iatakoo’s compression and upload process for storage and sharing. Associated metadata for files can be collected for each group of transferred videos. Uploaded files are automatically downloaded by Iatakoo Hub and placed inside a shared drive.

The Dailies workflow has also been designed for use with Avid Media Composer, allowing for fast transfer of video files into Avid edit bins. Editors can drag uploaded files into the appropriate Avid Media Composer bin. The files, and associated metadata, automatically populate the Avid bin with accurate information.

Iatakoo says that when using its Hub product, Dailies complies with customers’ corporate firewalls and security standards. It can also integrate with asset managers, including from Avid, Dalet, Grass Valley and Bitcentral systems.

For more information, visit www.Iatakoo.com.