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Hitachi Unveils Z-HD5500 1080p Camera

WOODBURY, N.Y.—Hitachi’s roster of studio and field production cameras has now added the Z-HD5500 HDTV camera. This new addition features the latest in Hitachi’s CMOS imaging technology and is designed to work in venues with low-cost or varying-frequency LED lighting.

The CMOS imager available with the Z-HD5500 can adapt to LED lighting conditions. Paired with advanced digital signal processing and low-noise circuit technology, the new sensors deliver visual quality with sensitivity, color fidelity and 62dB signal-to-noise ratio.

The Z-HD5500 also offers HDR capabilities and supports both Hybrid Log-Gamma and HPQ HDR specifications. The new camera is Hitachi’s first in its Z-series of cameras with progressive scane. Additional features include optional support for both SMPTE fiber and triax infrastructures; the camera can be paired with dedicated fiber or triax camera control units or with dual-cable Hitachi CU-HD1300FT, which features an H.264 codec technology and multilevel digital modulation for long-distance triax transport of 3 GB/s 1080p video plus intercom, teleprompter returns and other signals.

The Z-HD5500 camera is now available.