Historic Calrec console finds fountain of youth

It’s only eight years old, but the audio console in Corplex’s HD mobile unit, Platinum, already has historic significance: Back in 2000, it was the first Calrec Audio Alpha series to be installed and operational anywhere. Now, Calrec engineers are going to spend five days enhancing and rejuvenating this historic Alpha, incorporating Bluefin High Density Signal Processing (HDSP) and a host of other features, including flexible TFT metering, full 5.1 surround-sound spill control and 12 more faders. When completed, the console will offer the same functionality and performance as a brand new Calrec Alpha desk.

“I like to say our Alpha has found the fountain of youth,” said Dave Greany, Corplex VP and partner. “The fact that this enhancement is possible is testimony to Calrec’s engineering and design staff as well as their management’s customer-first philosophy. In 2000, they designed a first-class digital console in the Alpha. Our own clients expect us continually to provide the latest technology, particularly with audio. Now, both Platinum with the Alpha and our new unit Iridium with a Sigma will be at the same level of features and refinement.”

Professional sporting events like NFL football, PGA golf, NBA basketball and NHL hockey are the company’s bread and butter, but Corplex also supports other events, including this year’s Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Headquartered near Chicago, Corplex currently deploys three mobile units, with another, Iridium, currently under construction. Iridium will debut with a Calrec Sigma desk onboard in summer 2008.

For more information, visit www.calrec.com.