HickoryTech selects Entone Hydra IP for IPTV roll-out

HickoryTech in Mankato, MN, has selected the Entone Hydra IP video gateway for the roll-out of IPTV service.

HickoryTech offers integrated communication products and services to business and residential customers over a regional fiber network. With facilities in Minnesota and Iowa, HickoryTech offers local voice, long distance, high-speed Internet, digital TV and IP networking services to residential and business customers.

The Hydra IP video gateway is part of Entone’s Connected Home Solution that eliminates the need for multiple set-top boxes or new home wiring to deliver IPTV services. Hydra can deliver multiple video streams over a single DSL or Ethernet connection using existing in-home coax cabling.

Entone’s Hydra HD IP video gateway offers high-definition video services using MPEG-4 (H.264/AVC) compression technologies. Hydra HD comes with several service options including HomePNA 3.0, modular Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with up to 1 Terabyte of storage, integrated Caller ID, and an ATSC tuner for receiving over-the-air broadcast television.

For more information, visit: www.entone.com.