Hearst-Argyle deploys IP-based statistical multiplex with Harmonic compression

Hearst-Argyle Television has deployed an IP-based statistical multiplex in an ATSC broadcast environment using Harmonic's bandwidth-efficient video compression solutions.

Hearst-Argyle is using the DiviCom MV 500 MPEG-2 HD and MV 100 MPEG-2 SD encoders, as well as the ProStream 1000 stream processing platform with DiviTrackIP statistical multiplexing, to deliver multiple TV channels within its the 19.39Mb/s broadcast spectrum. Harmonic's service-centric NMX Digital Service Manager controls and manages the entire digital video service.

The versatility of IP reduces costs and complexity, allowing broadcasters such as Hearst-Argyle to simplify the addition of new channels, adjust their lineups or modify the network infrastructure. DiviTrackIP distributed statistical multiplexing, with the ability to assign any encoder to any multiplex, also opens up new opportunities for broadcasters in routing video signals through the IP infrastructure.

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