Hearst Television standardizes on Digital Alert Systems DASDEC-II

Hearst Television has standardized on the Digital Alert Systems DASDEC-II emergency messaging platform with EAS-Net across 29 stations in 26 markets.

In addition to satisfying the federal requirement for CAP compliance, the DAS installation has allowed Hearst to integrate a common CAP/EAS solution with the in-house master control branding system used by all of its stations.

The DASDEC-II provides core EAS and CAP functionality in a small single box design. It is available with integrated receivers, advanced hardware interfaces for easy adaptability to evolving technology changes and simple software upgrades without un-cabling, un-racking, opening the case, removing parts, and reassembly. The DASDEC-II uses common Web browsers and leverages common information exchange protocols.

The system meets all FCC Part 11 rules and conforms to FEMA CAP V1.2 and IPAWS 1.0 standards.