Harrison Debuts Two New Digital Consoles

Harrison has added the TVD-SL digital broadcast audio console to its TVD line for broadcast and the ST2 digital console for feature film and other post production applications.

The TVD-SL doubles the number of physical input faders, the option of TFT video displays and a hidden-until-lit control panel. Two standard systems have 4 or 60 total motorized, touch-sensitive faders on 33 mm centers. The larger systems are equipped with 24 remote-controlled mic preamps, each with 3 input choices, 24 stereo line inputs, dedicated 5.1 input (6 channel), 24 mix minus buses, 8 fader control groups and 4 stereo program outputs.

The 96 channels feature 4-band parametric EQ, High and Low pass filters, 16 Auxilliary Sends, Full Dynamics with separate metering, continuous input metering and stereo and 5.1 panning. All signal processing is full 40-bit floating point with a true 40-bit internal architecture and a 24-bit A-D/D-A conversion from the digital engine.

The main control surface is operable from up to three additional locations using Harrison's Satellite Touchsreen and an 8-character channel display, common to all TVD products.

The ST2's control surface options feature PCI-based IKIS Automation, touch-sensitive control knobs, a two-toned color scheme, multi-operator platform options, input/output formation options and digital signal processing capacity. The ST2 allows the user to customize the system for any specific application.

Additional ST2 components include plug-in software, TFTs, a backlit parameter display and "Profiling," where any strip can control any channel at any time. Other features include a 24-bit A/D and D/A converter, bypassable SRC on both AES inputs and outputs in groups of eight, up to 384 x 16 Summing/Monitor Matrix, motorized and automated joystick panners and the ability to upgrade the digital engine to 96K or 192K.