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Harris Makes Mark With Innovative Solutions

by Susan Ashworth~ April 24, 2006


Harris comes to NAB2006 to showcase a cache of wireless, media management and traditional transmission solutions that are designed to address the critical next-generation needs of broadcasters.

Led by Tim Thorsteinson, who makes his debut as the company's new president, the company is releasing new technology innovations and equipment designed to improve the art of broadcasting and introduce broadcasters to new market segments.

One of those key markets is the much-discussed realm of mobile broadcasting. Tapping into burgeoning interest in the U.S., Harris is announcing its immersion in the mobile TV market by introducing a new TV transmitter platform specifically designed for video broadcasting to handheld applications. Harris is launching the Cool Play 1670, designed for 1670 MHz mobile applications.

"Harris has applied the experience gained in mobile TV trials around the world to make a transmitter platform uniquely suited for the requirements of L-band mobile television transmission applications," said Dale Mowry, vice president and general manager of the Harris Television Broadcast Systems business unit.

Harris will be putting the Cool Play 1670 to work alongside Harris' Atlas digital UHF transmitter and FLO modulation technology, to broadcast content to handheld mobile devices on the show floor.

In the traditional transmission arena, Harris announced that Cordillera Communications Corp., long-time Harris customer, will complete the DTV buildout of its television stations with Harris transmission technology, including the delivery of new Sigma CD UHF IOT transmitters and the upgrade of several lower-power Platinum CD digital UHF transmitters to full power.

Harris has a strong hand in the radio market as well, and announced at the show that it would serve as the exclusive HD Radio supplier to Cumulus Broadcasting.

Harris reported the company will provide HD Radio transmitters and its FLEXSTAR family of HD Radio products to approximately 80 percent of Cumulus stations through 2012, and provide analog transmitters and offer access to Harris Intraplex STL solutions as part of the agreement.

Harris is also addressing the industry's need for intelligent management of material with a host of IP-based content management demonstrations here at NAB2006, including a demo of the NewsNet digital newsgathering system and the demonstration of a fully operational IPTV network.

Other major product announcements from Harris include the launch of NEXIO XS, a modular HD/SD transmission server housed in a 3 RU frame. Features include integrated agile software codecs that support a range of compression formats and nearline storage and archive compatibility with the clustered storage firm Isilon Systems.

In the radio arena, Harris is introducing the high-powered 3DX 100 AM transmitter, a system compatible with HD Radio and DRM, which offers improves signal linearity, a Direct Digital Synthesis exciter system, and remote monitoring and control.

Harris is also launching MasterLink-IP, a new IP-based audio platform, the Harris ZS low-power transmitter, and will display its NeuStar line of products here at its booth, which are designed to improve the quality and efficiency of digital audio through codec preconditioning techniques and embedded Surround Sound technology.

In the test and measurement arena, Harris is announcing the release of the Videotek TVM-840 multiformat SD-SDI video and audio signal analyzer.

New features have also been announced for Harris' D-Series playout automation solution, allowing it to interface with Harris' H-Class content delivery platform for more efficient workflow operations in multichannel scenarios. The company has also seen ongoing worldwide market acceptance of its NUCLEUS real-time control panel.

Harris has been busy in the acquisition department, too. After acquiring Leitch in October 2005, Harris announced at NAB2006 an agreement to acquire Optimal Solutions Inc., a provider of air-time sales, traffic and billing software systems.

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