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Harris, LG Electronics show Scalable Full-Channel Mobile DTV

Harris introduced its Scalable Full-Channel Mobile Mode mobile DTV solution at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Developed with LG Electronics, the system enables as many as 16 different video programs to be sent in a 6MHz bandwidth channel. It has been proposed for standardization to the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC).

Current TV broadcasters are required by the FCC to offer at least one standard-definition digital TV program in their 19.4Mb/s broadcast bitstream. Owners of other 700MHz spectrum, however, have more flexibility.

To achieve its robust approach to Scalable Full-Channel Mobile Mode, LG and Harris engineers have trimmed the main digital program to enable a trickle of data — enough to advertise available mobile programs on the service to in-home viewers. Most of the 19.4Mb/s bitstream in the 6MHz TV channel is then cleared for transmission of various mobile programs, which can all be beamed from the same broadcast infrastructure.