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Harris Broadcast introduces PowerSmart 3D architecture

Harris Broadcast introduced its new green, energy-efficiencyPowerSmart 3D architecture for its Maxiva DTV and digital radio transmitters last month at IBC 2013.

PowerSmart 3D delivers superior operational efficiencies. PowerSmart 3D offers a fully broadband, single-amplifier design specific to each over-the-air band (UHF and VHF). It also allows Harris to reduce the footprint of transmitter installations via its high power density, with rack space reductions exceeding 50 percent across most power levels.

Like its predecessor, PowerSmart 3D will also help local and national broadcasters reduce energy use and carbon footprint. Its operating efficiency will help Maxiva users lower monthly bills and enhance total cost of ownership without compromise to power or reliability.

The company’s platform delivers an enhanced and simple broadband solution for UHF. Its PowerSmart 3D amplifier designs provide up to a 58 percent efficiency improvement over previous technologies.