HARMAN Studer Vista X Installed at BBC Studios

ELSTREE, ENGLAND – BBC Studios and Post Production have reevaluated its audio mixing architecture and has decided to replace the HARMAN Studer Vista 8 with the new HARMAN Studer Vista X at the George Lucas stages in Elstree, England.

BBC Studio's Sound Supervisor, Andy Tapley, working on the Vista X.

A fully redundant setup, the new system offers increased I/O capacity and processing featuring a new Infinity Core, with 12 high-capacity/high-speed A-link audio interfaces that provide more than 5,000 inputs and outputs and more than 800 audio DSP channels. The system also includes VistaMix for automated microphone mixing.

The Vista X is accompanied by four high-density D23m frames, which break out the A-link fiber connections to standard analogue, digital and video interfaces. The new frames are also backwards compatible with D21 cards. Studer’s new design philosophy - moving DSP from SHARC to Intel CPUS - offers more power and expandability. Other features include a history display to show the last 50 seconds of waveform audio for each fader, and FaderGlow, which provides a color reference on the desk to identify the right fader.

HARMAN develops connected audio, visual and infotainment systems and is based out of Stamford, Conn.