Grass Valley introduces STRATUS for content life cycle management

Grass Valley has introduced a new, tightly integrated modular software platform that supports every part of the content creation and distribution life cycle through a common user interface. The new STRATUS media workflow application suite leverages a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to help all types of program producers and providers streamline their workflow. STRATUS enables producers and managers to make specific tasks fast and easy to perform by virtually any preauthorized staff member.

The STRATUS platform is designed to ingest, manage, edit and play out assets stored on Grass Valley K2 Summit or K2 Solo servers, or a Grass Valley K2 storage area network (SAN). Grass Valley will make most of its existing file-based production software tools available immediately for the Windows OS-based platform and continue to add new features (and a Macintosh client) to the STRATUS platform as time goes on.

Unlike a typical collaborative workflow solution, the Grass Valley STRATUS architecture provides individual tools to perform various job-specific tasks while at the same time help management to better organize staff by providing secure access to content in a variety of IT-centric ways.