Grass Valley announces K2 Edge

Grass Valley has announced an extension of its K2 media server family with K2 Edge, the centerpiece of the company’s overall integrated playout solution. Housed in a compact 1RU chassis, K2 Edge is a robust and proven Linux-based system with a purpose-built, high-availability architecture for mission-critical 24/7 playout applications.

The K2 Edge range is available in three levels of capability:

• K2 Edge Express, for entry-level channels with minimal graphics needs;
• K2 Edge Pro, for main-line channels with more sophisticated graphics such as picture-in-picture; and
• K2 Edge Elite systems, which offer switching for up to four HD sources and multichannel 2D and 3D graphics complete with DVE moves including credit squeeze.

Customers can easily migrate, via a software license, to any of the levels of capability within the K2 Edge range. Each K2 Edge system includes two features originally developed by PubliTronic, the Grass Valley K2 TX/MAM asset management system, with a central database and Grass Valley Cobalt playout automation software. The K2 TX/MAM server uses a Web-based GUI to control all assets, including video clips, audio clips, captioning, metadata and graphic elements. The Cobalt playout automation system manages all on-air events, and, for increased reliability, runs completely independent from the database.