Furman announces P-1800 PF R power conditioner

Furman, a world provider of power management solutions, has released the first product in its new Prestige Series: the P-1800 PF R power conditioner. A successor to Furman's PF-Pro R, the P-1800 PF R is a power management module engineered specifically for musicians. A fully featured power conditioner, the P-1800 PF R safeguards equipment with comprehensive protection and uses Furman's Power Factor and Clear Tone technologies to allow instrument amplifiers to consistently sound their best at different venues. The P-1800 PF R is also ideal for in-studio setups that use powered monitors for playback of recorded material.

Furman's Power Factor technology reduces AC line impedance by providing a 45A peak current reservoir. This gives instrument amplifiers and powered speakers the headroom to operate at maximum efficiency and sound consistent from venue to venue without being subject to current compression caused by line impedance or resistance. Clear Tone technology adds an additional level of linear filtration to Furman's Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) circuit for a lower noise floor, allowing the instrument's tone and character to be expressed without the masking effects of AC line noise.

With the P-1800 PF R, the visceral impact, clarity and dynamic range of instrument amplifiers are not hindered by power quality, resulting in a marked improvement in amplifier performance. The power conditioner also provides Furman's Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) technologies for professional-level protection from spikes, surges and dangerous prolonged voltage conditions.

Like all models in Furman's Prestige Series, the P-1800 PF R features a new industrial design that includes a blue LED digital voltmeter with a color-coded voltage range indicator as well as extreme voltage and "protection OK" LEDs. A front-panel USB port charges small electronics such as cell phones and personal media devices or can be used to power a gooseneck USB lamp.

The new model features eight rear-panel outlets in three isolated banks (including two high-current outlets for maximum current delivery to amplifiers) and a front-panel convenience outlet. One bank of outlets on the rear panel is spaced to accommodate bulky wall wart transformers and features Furman's Secure Straps to lock plugs in place.

For more information, visit www.furmansound.com.