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Front Porch Digital Introduces DIVAdirector

Front Porch Digital DIVArchive V6.3
Front Porch Digital will showcase new features of its DIVArchive V6.3, DIVAnet V6.3 and introduces its DIVAdirector V4.1 at the 2010 NAB Show.

Among the new features incorporated in DIVArchive V6.3 is full Unicode support for storage plan manager, the component that automatically manages content lifecycle based on advanced and fully configurable business rules and policies. DIVArchive V6.3 also incorporates Front Porch Digital's DIVAprotect as a standard feature, which guards content against the ravages of data tape and drive degradation.

DIVAnet is Front Porch Digital's advanced disaster recovery, business continuance, and content distribution solution for multifacility DIVArchive connectivity. New features in DIVAnet V6.3 include intelligent load balancing between DIVArchive sites; inclusion of a central distribution plan manager to implement global content distribution plans; end-to-end tracking of content replication commands; and global object-delete to support smooth resumption of operation in the event of connectivity loss.

At NAB, Front Porch Digital introduces DIVAdirector V4.1, which adds a revamped browser interface; support for identification and retrieval of clips with noncontiguous timecode; partial-restore format auto detection; and management of remote proxies without the need for replication. In addition, DIVAdirector V4.1 offers enhanced integration with Front Porch Digital's SAMMA Solo system.

Front Porch Digital will be at Booth N5806.