From Small Corporates To The Royal Wedding

Prolink Television Facilities provides location technical facilities to broadcasters and leading production companies who offer multi-camera, single camera, sound, lighting, and editing. My responsibility is liaising with clients to design technical solutions that match their evolving production needs.

Two days are rarely the same at Prolink. On one end of the scale, our HD OB facilities played a major role in ITV’s coverage of the recent Royal Wedding, where we provided the studio facilities at Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Between the two sites we originated more than nine hours of live coverage.

At the smaller end of our projects we have single camera assignments where we work with both corporate and broadcast program makers.

We still receive many requests for SD, but we are seeing an increasing number of HD projects. The common theme in both is the growing complexity of production needs.

We began looking for a multiformat switcher that would offer more DVEs, MEs, and Keyers that would allow us to maneuver between HD and SD. In the end, the Ross Video Vision 2 Multi- Definition Production Switcher met all our needs, plus a multiviewer.

We chose Ross because of its functionality, its affordability and ability to include or exclude different modules; its WOW factor physically – which adds to the hi-tech, highly functional sense of theater that we try to create in the Production Gallery – and the continuous Ross support.

At Prolink, we tend to favor working with companies who are more attentive, knowledgeable about their products, and hungry to build long term relationships. From the first call, we were impressed with the way Ross’ UK team reacted; a view reinforced throughout the purchase and installation.

The multi-format capability of the Vision is invaluable. We’ve carried on serving our SD customers, and the added ability of HD capabilities has allowed us to grow with existing clients while gaining interest of new clients.

At a ‘function’ level we’ve found the multiple outputs, second MLE, and the on-board media stores very useful in day to day operations. The multi-viewer makes for an eye-catching addition.

The physical installation was fairly straightforward; it was the training we were concerned about. Being our first Ross switcher, the familiarity was not there. But we have not encountered any issues, and Vision’s intuitive nature has made the transition smooth.

Our biggest challenge to date, just because of the overall size and duration of the broadcast, was the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Vision did everything it needed to without missing a beat, proving we have the power to meet all demands thrown our way.

Ross support has been excellent. We’re also aware that senior Ross executives took an active role, letting us know we were being viewed as a serious and important potential long term client.

We are delighted with the functionality, look and feel of the Vision product, and impressed with the Ross support. You can’t really ask for more than that. Well done, Ross!

Michael Dugard is Director of Prolink Television Facilities in Kent, UK.