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Frezzi Selects PowerGenix Batteries to Power HD Cameras, Lighting

Frezzi Energy Systems has introduced a new high-energy nickel-zinc battery system for professional onboard TV camera power at the NAB Show. Frezzi will incorporate PowerGenix’ line of rechargeable batteries into its portable power and lighting products. Frezzi will also rely on PowerGenix’ D-cell battery packs to provide extended runtime for its high-definition cameras and high-wattage camera lights.

The media market has traditionally relied upon nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion to meet the high power-density demands of professional lighting and cameras. The introduction of NiZn will provide increased power delivery and high-discharge performance.

“Nickel-zinc provides unparalleled performance enhancements in a robust, nontoxic form,” said James Crawford, president of Frezzi.

Capable of discharging up to 10 amps, PowerGenix’ battery packs are also smaller and lighter than traditional technologies. Frezzi will first introduce a 60 W, 14.4 V NiZn HD mini camera battery, followed by a full line of high-definition NiZn battery packs. The packs will also be equipped with an energy gauge to accurately display capacity information throughout the life of the battery.

Frezzi Energy Systems is in Booth C5023.