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Fremont Studios Adds Panasonic VariCam LT Camcorders

NEWARK, N.J.Fremont Studios in Seattle, has purchased four Panasonic VariCam LT 4K camcorders for mobile and studio applications, Panasonic announced this week.

The cameras include an upgraded shading mode, new tally and CineLive return video management, which is set up for live and “near live” multicameras shoots.

Fremont Studios has two large sound stages offering a combined 20,000 square feet used for live production and special live events. They also are used for single-camera commercial shoots.

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The VariCam LTs will be used on a new 22-foot, battery-powered production unit that can double as a control room for the studios. The studio will rely on Panasonic’s AK-HRP1000 remote control panel.

One of the first uses of the new cameras was for an eSports broadcast of the World Championship Xbox Forza Race, an event viewed by millions worldwide.

“The LT fulfills our needs to utilize cinema lens with the operation of a typical broadcast B4-mount live production camera,” said Scott Jonas, president of Fremont Studios.

“Historically many of our projects are switched live for timing and ISO recorded for finishing in post. The VariCam LT is designed well for that, allowing both in-camera 4K recording and 3G progressive capture in the mobile unit.”

More information about the camcorders is available on the Panasonic website.

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