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FOR-A to unveil Prism System software application

FOR-A will introduce Prism System, an on-the-fly, multiple-output video clipping software application, at the 2010 NAB Show.

With its built-in encoder, clipping and transcoding tools, Prism System provides a complete video content repurposing solution for Web and mobile TV distribution.

A PC-based software application, Prism System ingests and encodes an incoming video signal and records it to network-attached storage (NAS). During the encode process, it saves the video cut-point information. Designed for SD resolution, the system ingests SD-SDI signals with embedded audio and encodes them as MPEG-2 long GOP files at up to 15Mb/s with 16:9 aspect ratio.

Using today’s conventional systems, the clipping process cannot be started until incoming video is completely recorded. However, Prism System allows clipping on the fly while recording the incoming video, which is faster and more effective for news and sports applications.

See FOR-A at NAB Show Booth C5219.