Fischer redesigns classic triaxial connector

The new design makes the connector easier to assemble, maintain and install.
Made of new material, the redesigned Fischer 1051 series triaxial cable connector is lighter but still retains its high strength.

Fischer has introduced a new generation of its 1051 tiraxial connector in an attempt to make a more user-friendly design.

Fisher said the new design of the 1051 plug and cable receptacle facilitated quicker assembly, maintenance and cable installation. Made of new material, the redesigned 1051 series is lighter but still retains its high strength. The parts that make up the connector have been optimized and their number reduced, so that the assembly process is simplified and requires no specific tools.

When cabled, the new connector is more versatile. Contact blocks are interchangeable, which simplifies maintenance. The internal hermaphroditic parts of the connector allow a rapid change between male or female ends, or vice versa. To protect the connection and increase the durability of the equipment, the cable bend relief has been integrated into the connector design, and the optional protective sleeves are easily detachable even when the connector is cabled.

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