‘First Responders Live’ Shares Footage Through VidOvation’s Aviwest

IRVINE, Calif.—To meet the “live” promise of its title, Fox’s “First Responders Live” has chosen to go with VidOvation’s Aviwest bonded cellular system to properly transmit the footage of firefighters, police officers, EMS technicians and first responders in action.

The “First Responders Live” production takes place across five cities. With the Aviwest system, they are able to transmit reliable, synchronous and low-latency broadcast-quality video and audio from multiple cameras back to the Los Angeles-based control room. Specifically, the Aviwest utilizes PRO380 transmitters and StreamHub transceivers.

The PRO380 transmitters are mounted on HD cameras and deployed into the field. The transmitters support H.265/HEVC encoding and use bonded cellular technology to combine available network interfaces to create reliable video-transmission links. As many as 40 concurrent feeds are delivered to the control room, which are received by more than 10 StreamHub transceiver, decoder and distribution platforms and delivered live on air.

“The technology offered us the ability to go where the action took us, which was key to capturing and highlighting the incredible work of the first responders featured in the show,” said Mark Hamaguchi, vice president of production management for 44 Blue Productions.

“First Responders Live” is produced by Fox Entertainment, Wolf Entertainment and 44 Blue Production