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First Euphonix S5 Fusion in UK goes to 2nd Sense post house

Post house 2nd Sense Broadcast has installed the UK’s first Euphonix S5 Fusion digital mixing audio system. The 24-fader, 78-channel system with EuCon DAW control of a Pyramix digital audio workstation is housed in Theatre A at a new post house in the heart of the Elstree Film Studios in Hertfordshire, a facility made famous by George Lucas.

“We had pushed our current technology to the limit and needed to take a step forward, especially to meet the growing demand for 5.1 for broadcast,” said Richard Sillitto, senior dubbing mixer at 2nd Sense. “We wanted a console with the sophistication our clients and projects demand but at a price point that made sense. Using Pyramix as our house DAW system, we needed a console that would integrate seamlessly with this platform. Additionally, it’s not unusual for our clients to bring in different DAWs, and being able to accommodate them is very important.”

The Euphonix S5 Fusion is a high-performance digital audio mixing system specifically designed for audio post-production and music applications. Its EuCon high-speed Ethernet control protocol extends the control capabilities of the console beyond the dedicated DSP cores, bringing any DAW track onto the console surface for full control during mixing.

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