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Eyeheight to 'Clobber' Post-production World at NAB2007

Eyeheight, from Great Britain, will introduce major additions to its line of compact modular broadcast production and post-production equipment at NAB2007.

The company will provide hands-on demonstrations of Ethernet-based module control and data uploading, which provide location-independent operation.

Eyeheight's new products include the legalHHPi high-definition legaliser, which provides easy control over the Y, U and V levels of incoming HD-SDI signals. It uses Eyeheight's "Clobbering" technology to suppress luminance overshoot and undershoot.

The Eyeheight play-out compact SDI Master Control system is a powerful SDI master control system in 1 RU with an increased feature set and the option of easy expansion. It is built around a flexible four-group A/B mixer with 16-channel audio.

Another Eyeheight product, the enigmaHDi HD-SDI, allows RS-232 data to be transported via an HD-SDI link, providing a fully transparent serial link.

Now in production is the company's keyEyesMDi downstream linear keyer. keyEyesMDi allows overlays to be located anywhere on the video display, as a solid image or transparent. The new safeEyesMDi safe-area generator enables producers, editors and telecine transfer facilities to ensure that the essential elements of their source material remain within the safe areas of a 16:9 television display, using user-selected guide markers superimposed on a video display without being visible on the main program feed.

Also new in the legalEyesMDi multidefinition legaliser, which allows producers and editors to ensure that the level of their video signals remains within the strict tolerances required for HD and SD transmission to air and DVD mastering.

Eyeheight will be in booth SU2823.