Eyeheight introduces legalHHPi hue-processing legalizer

Eyeheight has unveiled the legalHHPi high-definition legalizer, which restricts the Y, U and V components of incoming HD-SDI signals.

With the legalHHPi, the saturation of pixels, which would otherwise result in overmodulation of the composite waveform, is selectively reduced. Composite mode preserves the hue of each pixel but not the saturation. When the signal is converted to a composite waveform, the Y component is held within the range allowed by the Y high and low clip. Thus, the total composite waveform is maintained within the range defined by composite high-clip and composite low-clip.

Operating in composite, YUV and RGB color spaces, legalHHPi has two independent outputs: “Legalize” and user-controllable “Legal/Indicate.” Clipping levels and soft-clipping knee levels are adjustable.

For more information, visit: www.eyeheight.com.