EVS unveils server for Sony 3x speed HD super slow motion

At NAB2006, EVS demonstrated its new XT[2] production and playout server, designed by the company for compatibility with Sony's new 3x HD super slow motion camera system.

The XT[2] server was first used with the Sony camera system for the production of Super Bowl XL. The combination of the two technologies can help to achieve 3x speed slow motion instant replays and effects in full HD resolution.

The new camera system can output normal speed signals simultaneously for live feeds through separate digital signal processing, which in turn can be captured by the EVS XT[2] server for instant replays, clipping, highlight package assembly and complete network access in HD.

The EVS XT[2] server can capture all three phases of the HDC-3300 at full, native HD resolution with instant tapeless super slow motion replays, which are then available across EVS XNet high-speed network.

For more information, visit www.evs.tv.

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