ESPN MLB telecasts offer new on-screen statistics

For fans who can’t get enough stats, ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” telecasts now feature a new statistical graphic used to show a batter’s performance after facing a particular pitch count. Throughout the season, every time a player comes up, the new stat will display his up-to-date season statistics prior to each at bat.

The new graphic, referred to as ESPN Fantasy Update, is revealed in advance of each pitch. The stats are found above the scoreboard display on the screen at home and are now used during every ESPN telecast (Sunday, Monday and Wednesday).

The revealing effect is accomplished with a MaxVision Corp MaxPro workstation in tandem with an AJA Video capture card.

After each pitch, the new graphic also shows a batter’s cumulative performance after facing that particular pitch count and summarizes a pitcher’s performance after the first six outs are obtained (i.e. number of fly balls, ground balls, strikeouts, walks, etc.).

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