EScript brings live scripts to TV news

EScript, which uses sleek iPads to put instantly updated news scripts in the hands of anchors and field reporters, will debut during the NAB 2012 show in Las Vegas.

Barry Quiat, founder and president of Qameo, developers of the eScript system, said individual demonstrations will be available. These can be scheduled through the company's website,

"With eScript, live news shows can for the first time, have truly 'live' scripts that can be updated instantly to give on-air reporters the absolutely latest information," Barry said.

"The moment a producer makes a change to the copy or running order, it's in the reporter's hand. This is a huge improvement over what happens on most newscasts today, when production assistants have to print out paper copies and carry them to the anchor desk, disrupting studio operations," Barry noted.

"Paper scripts cost money, waste time, look messy and can lead to mistakes. With eScript, copy updates happen instantly in real time, on the reporter's iPad screen," he said.

Qameo initially developed the eScript system in close partnership with NBC Owned Television Stations, which has already introduced the technology to newsrooms in five of its markets, with additional rollouts planned for its remaining five stations later this year. EScript is now available to any network or local newscast, worldwide.