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Equator Audio Research ships Q18S subwoofer

Equator Audio Research is now shipping its new Q18S subwoofer. The new Q18S sub bass system complements Equator’s Q Series of studio reference monitors, especially for facilities recording sound for picture, where low frequency effects (LFE) are mission-critical.

Measuring 29in x 25in x 25in and featuring an 18in low frequency transducer with a heavy-duty 4in voice coil in a bass reflex enclosure, the Q18S has the muscle to produce extreme lows. Sporting a black/micrometallic gray finish, the Q18S enclosure is constructed from 3/4in, 13-ply Baltic birch and is heavily braced for cabinet rigidity. The subwoofer’s baffle is constructed from 1in high-density fiberboard (HDF), as opposed to the medium-density fiberboard found in many competing systems.

Designed as a 4ohm system, the self-powered Q18S offers 2000W of peak power in a down-firing configuration that features a bell-shaped base. This enables the Q18S to couple with any size room, reproducing frequencies down to 16Hz. The Q18S employs LF compression, thermal, short circuit and undervoltage protection for the system’s driver complement.

In terms of connectivity, the Q18S features both an RS-485 in/thru interface and a USB connector. These ports enable Equator Audio’s room compensation and control software to communicate with multiple Q Series monitors and subwoofers for the purpose of adjusting crossover points, EQ curves and a host of additional functions. Audio connectors include balanced Neutrik Combo inputs and XLR throughput connectors.

Included with every Equator Q Series product is a software application that enables a mix engineer to manually compensate for acoustic anomalies in addition to issues created by placement/boundary conditions. The software also provides the ability to define crossover frequencies, equalization, mute, solo and phase. Stereo, 2.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and 8.2 monitoring configurations can be quickly and easily optimized and saved. An optionally available Q Series calibration kit fully automates the analysis and compensation process and includes a calibrated test microphone.

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