Encoding.com Launches Unlimited Cloud Encoding for $1,000 a Month

SAN FRANCISCO – Cloud media processing service Encoding.com has introduced the Reserved Cloud, an unlimited cloud based encoding plan. The service is designed for high volume enterprise media workflows, providing broadcasters a method for handling existing media processing requirements with automatic failover for spikes in usage.

The systems unmetered cloud pricing model allows customers to pay a fixed monthly fee per Reserved Instance, granting them access to more than 30 professional encoding engines. The model is being offered starting at $1,000 a month. The service is also integrated with Amazon Web Services, allowing customers to have the option to pay a fixed fee per month for unlimited encoding on an AWS Reserved Instance.

Additionally, the Cloud Reserved Instance allows customers to enable automatic failover of their queue to the on-demand queue when reserved instances are busy. Customers can set the time the job will sit in the queue before failover is triggered. Users can also tune their encoding queue by configuring the number of concurrent jobs to send to a single 32 core reserved instance. Full real-time queue statistics and the ability to send priority jobs directly to the Encoding.com public on-demand cloud are also available.