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Edirol Is Perfect Fit at Regent University

James Maurer and the Edirol V-440HDVIRGINIA BEACH, VA.
Regent University is an academic center for Christian thought and action, with a multitude of on-campus and online programs available worldwide.

The Media Services team here at Regent University oversees the audio/visual equipment design, installation and maintenance in the university's classrooms. We also take care of the audio/video requirements for the school's numerous special events, such as commencement ceremonies, monthly executive leadership luncheons and other recurring events.

With such a multitude of live events to cover, we needed a multi-format switcher that could accommodate a variety of standard- and high-definition video inputs, display full screen computer applications for teaching, and also provide such useful features such as keying and picture-in-picture.


In our quest for a unit that could accommodate all of our varied needs, we were introduced to the Edirol V-440HD switcher and found that it was a perfect fit for our application. It had all the features that we had been looking for, and what was even better, the switcher was available at a very affordable price.

We installed our Edirol V-440HD in portable video rack system to make it easy to move around our campus for coverage of all the special events that our department serves. Most of our special events are streamed live on the Internet. Additionally, we have a campus TV channel that we use for broadcasting special events from venues where seating space is limited.

We have been very pleased with the functionality of the Edirol V-440HD in accommodating our department's unique needs. The switcher is easy to use, is always dependable and certainly provides the necessary flexibility for the multitude of projects that we are called upon to handle.

The V-440HD switcher accepts a variety of sources, which enhances compatibility with all of our current and legacy video equipment, and this means that we don't have to haul around a lot of extra converters and adapters. The image quality that the unit provides is outstanding, and when the switcher is combined with Edirol's VC-300HD video converter unit, the package provides an affordable video streaming solution for transmitting our live events. The V-440HD has elevated our department to a new level, allowing us to serve the growing needs of the university, and at the same time is saving us the expense of having to rent extra equipment. We are so pleased with the performance and value provided by the V-44HD that we have recommended it to a local systems integrator who works with other universities and companies with similar needs and applications.

James Maurer has served as Regent University's AV Systems Engineer of Media Services for the past 10 years. He may be contacted

For additional information on Edirol switchers, contact Roland Systems Group at 800-380-2580 or