Dune HD TV-101 hybrid media player makes North American debut

Unveiled at 2012 International CES this week, the new Dune HD TV-101 is the latest product in the company’s operator and mass-market retail series designed to address today’s content delivery requirements for Over-the-Top (OTT), Video-On-Demand (VOD) and IPTV service operators. This is the product’s North American debut.

The device is a compact, hybrid media player and set-top box that allows playback of standard and high definition video (up to full 1080p) and is capable of supporting digital TV program reception. For content operators seeking to deliver ethnic or specialty programming to a growing consumer audience base, or cord cutters seeking to replace pay TV services and augment OTA broadcasts, the TV-101 makes it simple to deliver video from VOD or subscription premium services, ethnic programming, niche content and beyond.

To facilitate easy connection to an operator’s middleware service and Internet-delivered video streams, Dune HD has developed an IPTV interface that is in use today with one of the most successful OTT ethnic content operators in the world. The Dune HD IPTV interface provides an elegant yet simple way to launch and navigate hundreds of channels, view EPG and other user interface menus and content metadata via a video overlay, and a graphically rich user experience. (The Dune HD IPTV interface may be utilized on any of Dune HD’s players.)

“TV-101 delivers what discerning operators and their customers want,” says Dune HD CEO Konstantin Dyshlevoy. “People now expect their IPTV STB to include features such as playback of video, audio and photos, support for network-based digital content and premium streaming from VOD or SVOD services. TV-101 includes all of this and more.”